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The Class of 2021 shares their reflections of their time on UC Irvine Circle K.

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Senior Interviews - The Class of 2021
Meet the Board (2021-2022)
Operation GOB - Gratitudes on Board (2020-2021)
Discord: King of The Server
Zephyr Meet The Bigs
Poseidon Meet The Bigs
Pandora Meet The Bigs
Oracle Meet The Bigs
Morpheus Meet The Bigs
Medusa Meet The Bigs
Hermes Meet The Bigs
Dryad Meet The Bigs
Dionysus Meet The Bigs
Demeter Meet The Bigs
Cerberus Meet The Bigs
Atlas Meet The Bigs
Apollo Meet The Bigs
Spring 2020 MP Promo
UCI CKI Fall Recap 2019
UCI Circle K: Orientation 2019
UCI CKI : 2019-2020 Board Lip Dub
Meet the Bigs: Honeybee
Meet the Bigs: Blimp
Meet the Bigs: Cloud
Meet the Bigs: Air Freshener
Meet the Bigs: Fireworks
Meet the Bigs: Flying Squirrel
Meet the Bigs: Constellation
Meet the Bigs: Moon
Meet the Bigs: Butterfly
Meet the Bigs: Snow
Meet the Bigs: Kite
Meet the Bigs: Lantern
Meet the Bigs: Skydiver
UCI Circle K: DFAC 2019
DCON Recap 2019
Relay for life 2019
UCI CKI Banquet Slideshow
UCI CKI "Santa Tell Me" Board Lipdub
2018 UCI Circle K Testimonial
2018 UCI Circle K Orientation
UC Irvine Circle K Club-Wide Lip Dub 2017-2018
Spring Family Day
Petey's Darkest Hour
Meet the League!
Dance for a Chance 2017 Theme Reveal
UCI CKI Tries: The Wobble
UCI CKI Tries: House Dancing
UCI CKI Tries: Yiking
Winter Family Day Promo
Induction Night: The Game
Mr CKI Marvel Edition: The Incredible Hulk Talent Act
Mr CKI Marvel Edition: Doctor Strange Talent Act
Mr CKI Marvel Edition: Star Lord Talent Act
Assassins: A Short Film
Dance for A Chance 2017 Promo
Mr CKI Marvel Edition: Scarlet Witch Talent Act
Mr CKI Marvel Edition: Deadpool Talent Act
Mr CKI Marvel Edition: Iron Man Talent Act
Mr CKI Marvel Edition: Thor Talent Act
Mr. CKI Marvel Edition: Groot Talent Act
Meet The Heroes: Mr. CKI: Marvel Edition
Mr CKI Marvel Edition: Loki Talent Act
Mr CKI Marvel Edition: Wolverine Talent Act
Mr CKI Marvel Edition: Spider-Man Talent Act
Mr CKI Marvel Edition: Captain America Talent Act
UCI Circle K's Returning Members Series
Tabitha's Blessings
Meet the Bigs: Squid Family
Meet the Bigs: Jellyfish Family
Meet the Bigs: Angler Family
Meet the Bigs: Manta Ray Family
Meet the Bigs: Clownfish Family
Meet the Bigs: Seal Family
Meet the Bigs: Sea Otter Family
Meet the Bigs: Starfish Family
Meet the Bigs: Narwhal Family
Meet the Bigs: Shark Family
Meet the Bigs: Sea Turtle Family
Meet the Bigs: Seahorse Family
Millionaire: UCI Circle K Edition Reveal Video
Finding Circle K - UCI Circle K Orientation Video 2016
UCI CKI Orientation 2016: Member Testimonials
What is 2016 Edition
UCI Circle K Intramural Softball - Summer 2016
UCI CKI Tries: Voguing
UCI CKI Tries: West Coast Swing
Relay for Life 2016
UCI CKI Tries: Bollywood
UCI CKI Tries: Formation
Spring Into Service 2016
UCI CKI Tries: Krumping
UC Irvine Circle K: Winter Family Day 2016
Bigs Appreciation Week: Nancy and Krystal
Bigs Appreciation 2016
Dance for a Chance 2016 Promotional Video
Dance for a Chance 2016 Confessions Promo
Winter Family Day 2016
FTC 2015 Campfire Skit
FTC 2015 Video
Mentor Testimonials
Change Thru Games: Get In Control
Induction Night 2015
Service Saves The Day Orientation: Mean Girls
Service Saves The Day Orientation: Member Testimonials
What Is
2014-2015 Club-Wide Lip Dub
EOTY Banquet 2015 Board Dance
Dance For A Chance 2015 The League Performance
Dance For A Chance 2015 Promo
Shake It Off Lip Dub (DCON 2015 Edition)
Sienna Serrano's DCON 2015 Talent Act
Snocial 2015 Promo
UCI Circle K Documentary
The Last Book
Book Fair 2015 Promo
CTG Highlights: Finding Starlord
FTC 2014 Campfire Skit
Service In Wonderland Orientation Video
Shake It Off Lip Dub
Fall 2014 Promo
DCON 2014 Talent Act
Second Harvest
Hemopet Promo
Anti-Bullying PSA
Fall 2013 Orientation Video