Developer Patch Notes

Hi! We're your 2021-2022 Technology Chairs, Steven Lam and Thomas Reynolds.
1 version incrementations since our term started in 2021.


Hello, welcome to the 2021-2022 term!

  • Updated to 2021
  • Updated history tab
  • Sign up application now mentions to use UCI email, not personal
  • Fixed broken member pictures
  • Corrected calendar spelling
  • Updates to carousel
  • Fixed MRF form and updated spreadsheet columns
  • Cerfs should now only search PAID members
  • Updated the additional members tab to include other Kiwanian groups
  • Button that links to admin panel
  • Updated board roles for current and previous members
  • Birthdays tab in admin panel under 'Member Management'
  • New Members tab in admin panel under 'Member Management'
  • New preset in Event System for 'Golden Hours'
  • Fixed Treasurer modal bug where you couldn't click anything after exiting
  • All board members are able to approve new accounts
  • Emails tab for every member under 'Member Management'
  • Separated Member Info tab from Member Management tab
  • Filter in Admin Action Logs