General Forms
for stuff throughout the year!

Membership Application

Interested in joining Circle K? Fill out a member application and turn it in to any board member or family head. Membership dues are $45 for new members and $40 for returning members, plus an additional $10 if you want a club shirt.

Release Waiver

This is the waiver attached to the member application. You do not need to attach this to your application.

Event Testimonial Survey

Share your experiences with UCI Circle K! Choose a Circle K event you've been to and enjoyed, and write a few sentences about why you loved it! Every once in a while we will feature some of your responses on the website.

Suggestion Box

Got any questions? Comments? Concerns? Compliments? Please let us know! We would love to make Circle K a better organization for everyone!

Event Forms
for the fun things we do sometimes!

Treasurer's Chest Application

Are you good with math and stuff? Do you have ideas on how to raise more money for UCI CKI? Do you want to take part in planning fundraisers and other FUNdraising events? Apply to be on the Treasurer's chest!

Mentor Application

Spread your love and wisdom and take a pseudo underneath your wings! Apply to be a mentor!

Variety Show Performance Application

Can you sing, dance, yodel? Fill out this application by October 7th to show off your talents during Variety Show!

CKI South Registration Form & Waiver

Registration Form to participate in CKI South.

Summer General Members Retreat Form

this is a sign up form for the list of members who would like to attend the Summer General Members Retreat

Yearbook Committee Applications!

This form should be used to apply for the Yearbook committee 2016-17. Here is a description from the Yearbook chair, Colleen Eng: The yearbook application is open to all. There is no need for prior experience because there is always room to learn. We will be starting the creation of the yearbook this summer and have many discussions concerning the yearbook (like what we will include in the yearbook). DON'T WORRY YOU DON'T NEED TO BE IN IRVINE. However, for those that will be in Irvine, I will be holding meetings/tutorials.

Superlative Voting

This form is for those who want to vote on the superlatives at the End of the Year banquet

CKI Senior Panel Form

This form is for those who want to be part of the senior panel (must be a graduating senior)

Magic Kingdom Division End of the Year Banquet Superlatives

This form is for those who want to vote on the Magic Kingdom Division End of the Year Banquet Superlatives

CKI Ultimate Dodgeball Tournament

This form is for those who want to participate the CKI Dodgeball tournament.

OCC End of the Year Banquet Presale

This form is for those who want to reserve their spot at the OCC End of the Year Banquet early on.

End of the Year Grams!

This form is for those who want to send special messages (grams) to a special someone.

OC Night Market Fundraising!

This form is for those who want to help out with CKI boothing

MD One-on-Ones: Let Your Voice Be Heard!

The purpose of this form is for Circle K Members to share their ideas of what can be improved on the Membership Development aspect of CKI

Magic Kingdom 2015-2016 EOTY Banquet: "Thanks for the Adventure" (PRE-SALE)

This form is to keep track of who is attending the Magic Kingdom 2015-2016 EOTY Banquet in May 21st.

Change Thru Games III Chair Application

Welcome, hero! The world has fallen into dark times. You have been tasked to save the world from the clutches of Dark Petey. The world is counting on you to raise money from a 24-hour video game marathon to stop Dark Petey from destroying Earth! You are our only hope. Applications are due at 11:54PM on May 11th, 2016. If you have any questions, please contact Bryce Tham ( or Brandon Khuu ( Your quest will consist of three parts: identification, personal questions, and a reference. Click the form link to begin your enlistment.

Article: My Circle K Moment

Tell us about your Circle K Moment. A 'Circle K Moment' is a personal experience which made you feel a strong connection with the organization. :) It can be about any Circle K event related to service, leadership, or fellowship! Word Limit: Between 50-120!

SPRING TRAINING CONFERENCE SOUTH 2016 Workshop & Panel Host Application

Through this application, you can apply to be one or more of the following: - A workshop host (application, interview, literature & powerpoint) - A panel host (application, interview, literature & powerpoint) - A panel participant (application only)

Magic Kingdom DCON Spirit Gear Order Form

U C I Dare YOU Form

This will be our last fundraiser of the 2015-2016 term and will take place Week 6-8! We would like to thank you ahead of time for your donations and support! <3 Rules: - Dare someone to do something for (x) amount of money. - The person submitting the dare must pay/provide for supplies. - If they accept the dare, you pay (x) price. (Please pay Nick or Diane or venmo @ucicki) - If they decline, THEY pay (x) price. - Minimum dare price is $1. Maximum is $10. - You may dare anyone in UCI Circle K. - Please be considerate with your dares. We will be filtering out all inappropriate and offensive dares. - Dares will be done either during meetings or recorded and posted onto the event page.

UCICKI Appointed Board Application

See the attached form to access the application, and follow the directions to apply for A-Board! Applications due February 14th at 5pm.

UCI CKI Valentine Grams

Get a little something something for those you care about and express your love! Each gram will be $1 and if you want to send out multiple grams, just fill out extra forms. You can either pay Diane or Nick or Venmo it to @UCICKI. The deadline is February 11th 11:59PM SO BE SURE TO SEND THEM ALL OUT THEN! The Valentine Grams contains a card and a small bag of chocolate covered pretzels.

!!! - DCON District Convention Registration Forms

From the Facebook post in UC Irvine Circle K (CKI), posted by Audrey Nguyen DISTRICT CONVENTION REGISTRATION Hi all, DCON is coming up at the end of the quarter on March 18-20th, and registration is now open! Apologies for the late notice, but early registration is due to me by next TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 2ND. Prices are as follows: $130 until February 2nd $200 until February 9th This is the cheapest early registration price District Convention has ever been for UCI so please take advantage of them before they go up significantly! Payment along with the waiver and code of conduct attached below is due to me at the same time. Please print out the forms yourself (double sided please!) as I will not have many with me. *Once you sign up, you are COMMITTED to going to DCON. There will be no reimbursements. Also if you have three people in mind that you want to share a hotel room with, please give me their names when you sign up. Roommates must be the same gender. Check out for more info on the event, and let any board member, family head, or myself know if you have any questions! Thanks yall! Form below:

Magic Kingdom Feedback Form

Form description from Alex D. Nguyen on Facebook: Hiya UCI CKI! Here&#039;s an opportunity to everyone in our division to provide feedback on the club, division, and district levels! I present to you the Magic Kingdom Feedback Form! The purpose of this form is to help me as your Lt. Governor see what we can still do better on before the term ends and allow the next Lt. Governor after me to improve upon next year as well! All your feedback here is very much appreciated! All submitters will be entered into a raffle to win a TSUM TSUM and a BOBA DATE with ME! (SLICK DEAL HUH?!?!) NOTE: All your feedback is kept CONFIDENTIAL and will only be used to make our division greater and stronger! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please let me know!

District Large Scale Service Project

DLSSP stands for District Large Scale Service Project and not only will our school be attending but every Southern school in the Cal-Nev-Ha District is attending! You&#039;ll get to meet new people, new memories, and help the community while you&#039;re at it! We will be going to multiple locations around the Orange Country area to fix up and serve with the other schools! This will be a new way to help our community and it will be a great way to meet people from other Circle K&#039;s! Event Page: See form for more information...

UCI Circle K Assassins 2016

This winter quarter, we are bringing to you our very first Family Games call Assassins! It is a 3 week long club wide game where we place you into teams and your task is to target your opponents to win as many points as possible! Event Details: Click below to sign up...

DCON Talent Act Performance

The DCON Talent Act is a friendly competition where people get to show off their talents to all of CNH. This year we are hoping to compete in the Talent Acts as a school where we show off all the talents that UCI CKI members have to offer. You don't need to be the most talented person to perform you could very well be a normal person who just has a strong passion for a certain art/talent. As the deadline rolls closer, we are looking for a team of SUPERHEROES to step up and show CNH what UCI CKI has to offer! Click below for details...

Mr. CKI Presale

Sign-up for pre-sale entrance is $10. Pre-sale will end January 7th.

Winter 2016 On-Campus Service Availability Form

Please take a couple seconds to fill out when you're most available next quarter to join us especially if you weren't able to make it out to our projects last quarter!

Winter Quarter Service Survey

We hope to provide a strong opportunity for service for you all this quarter and in order to do that we would love to hear your input on how last quarter went and what you would expect from this quarter!

CKI 6 News Interest Form

CKI 6 News is a news channel that brings updates from UC Irvine's Circle K. Each episode will consist of club, divisional, and district updates to educate our members, about what is happening within our organization in a more creative and entertaining way.

Technology Internship Program Interest Form

We are looking for a small team of UCI Circle K members to help me manage announcements, content, and media on the website.

Secret Circle K-er Holiday Gift Exchange Sign Ups

The holiday gift exchange is not only your chance to show someone a little love this holiday season but also an opportunity to get to know another member a little better! If you'd like to participate in this wonderful holiday tradition, please fill out and submit this form!

Holiday Grams

Tis the season to send holiday grams to a fellow Circle K member to let them know that you love them and appreciate them.

Single Service Committee App

Single Service needs help with our large scale project. We are planning to have a service fair that focuses on our DSI: Hope for the Homeless. Please fill out this form with what you might be interested in helping with and if you would like to be a chair!

Ambassador Program Interest Form

Are you interested in helping our club better relationships with other schools? In possibly becoming an official representative for our Circle K? We are interested in hearing your response, so if you're interested, please fill out an interest form.

2015-2016 Mentor App

Thinking about BEING a mentor for UCI Circle K? Fill out this form and submit it by November 29th!

2015-2016 Mentee App

Thinking about GETTING a mentor for UCI Circle K? Fill out this form and submit it by November 29th!

Mr. CKI 2015 Committee Application

For all those who are interested in helping plan one of our biggest fundraisers of the year, Mr. CKI, please fill out this form!

DFAC The League Application

Dance for a Chance is a six hour dance marathon where we raise money for the Thomas House Family Shelter! Apply to be a part of the planning process for this great event!

Fall Quarter Service Availability

We would like to make service projects as accommodating as possible so please fill this out so I can ensure that the most people get to serve as possible!

Variety Show Committee Application

The Variety Show is a fundraising event at the beginning of the year that showcases talents from a lot of different organizations on campus. We're looking for two decorations chairs and two publicity chairs!

Change Thru Games II Committee Application

Change Thru Games II is a 24-hour video game marathon in which members from UCI Circle K play video games for the sake of charity! Last year was our first time doing Change Thru Games, and it was a massive success. This year, we are enlisting the help of UCI Circle K members like you to help us make Change Thru Games bigger and better.

UCI CKI General Member Retreat Sign-up Form

You may now officially begin signing up for the 2015 UCI CKI General Member's Retreat! This weekend-long event (7/31 - 8/2) is a time for General Members to bond, grow in leadership, and have some fun!

UCI CKI Summer Survey

UCI CKI doesn't stop in the summer, we have many events planned for the people that are staying down here, so if you will be in Irvine this summer, please fill out this survey to help us plan accordingly.

2015-2016 Dance for a Chance Chair Application

Beginning this year, we would like to officially recognize the Dance for a Chance Chair by releasing the first ever Dance for a Chance Chair application! The DFAC Chair will be responsible for planning the next Dance for a Chance as well as appointing and overseeing it's planning committee, the League.

2015-2016 CKI Mentor and Mentee Application

If you are a paid member of Circle K and are planning on joining UCICKI next year you are eligible to be a mentor! There is also an option to become part of the mentor committee which will be a committee dedicated to helping to plan things such as mentor/mentee candidate mixers, mentor reveal, future socials etc.

UCI CKI Gen Member Retreat 2015 Interest Form

Are you interested in attending the General Member's Retreat in the Summer? Please give us your info so we may keep you updated and get an idea of how many members are interested.

2014-2015 CKI Mentor and Mentee Application

Here is the app for mentors and mentees for the continuation of the 2014-2015 year, so this means if you have been a member before Fall 2014 you can apply to be a mentor and if not you can apply to be a mentee!