What is Fellowship?

If there is one thing that Circle K knows best, it's fellowship. Members get the chance to build connections and develop life-long relationships with fellow collegians, advisors, Kiwanians, and citizens in their communities.

For starters, UCI Circle K has a family system where members are joined with their potential “brothers” and “sisters”. To help new (and returning) littles settle into their new families, the bigs of each family plan out social events as well as encourage participation in the club-wide events. For many members, this system has fostered long-term relationships and provided a welcoming support system for everyone.

For those that are excited to meet more people in Circle K, the mentor-mentee program pairs new Circle K members with older Circle K members. This allows newer members to learn more about what Circle K has to offer them while bonding with their mentors.

Throughout the year, UCI Circle K plans many club-wide events, big and small, to promote a strong sense of companionship and the tight bond that each member will experience during their time in the club (which will hopefully transfer into their time at UCI) ;)

Club-wide Events


Big Bear Lake | Club Event

Do you want to build a snowman? Take a break from school and go on a weekend adventure! Snocial is a 3-day-long weekend event that takes place every winter in Big Bear. Join your fellow Circle K members and have fun in the snow! Enjoy snowball fights, snow tubing, snowman making, and hanging out in a huge cabin! Food and transportation are included. Bond with Circle K members from every family, make new friends, and participate in leadership exercises to help you grow as a person!


"Snocial was probably one of my favorite social events for me. It is nice to give yourself time to enjoy yourself, your friends, and nature despite it occurring during the quarter. You may think you don’t have time for it because you have to study, but you know what, YOLO!" - Kimberly Bui


UCI | Club Event

You’re alone in a dark room. A light turns on, revealing a table and on top of it, a folder. You pick up the folder and open it. Inside is a photo of a person you don’t recognize. You then hear an ominous voice and it shakes you to your very core: “This contract’s big. Don’t pass this up.” In this “deadly” game, become part of a team of Circle K members that has only one goal in mind: “eliminate” the opposition and win. Work together with your fellow teammates to “attack” other teams but be aware of who you trust. Get “killed” and you’re out of the game. “Kill weapon” is designated each week. GLHF.


"Playing assassins was pretty fun, it was my first time so it was a great experience even though I died within the first hour. Even though we had to carry really silly items, I still thought assassins was a great event!" - William Le

Family Day

Mason Park / Corona Del Mar | Club Event

Family Day is a day where every single UCI Circle K family gets together and hang out, eat food, and have fun. Come bond with your current family and make friends from members of other families! Family Day takes place once every quarter, and is planned by the Family Heads in an effort to bring together all UCI Circle K members into one, big family in and of itself.


"My first ever family day was honestly a lot of fun to not only participate in, but also to help plan! Getting to see everyone represent their own family in such bright colors and all decked out really brought a smile to my face! It was honestly really cool to see so many people come out to play games and try to show off how well they can work together with their sibs and bigs! It’s honestly just a really fun day all around getting to play some field games, which is a nice change of pace from the usual indoor setting we tend to be in. It’s not often that you can just goof around and play some games during school so the fact that so many people came out was really refreshing and nice! I love the fact that people can be playfully competitive one second playing capture the big and yet super chill and relaxed enjoying a nice meal together the next. The thing I truly loved about this event is that it really offers more interaction with other people outside of your own family! I really enjoyed getting to meet new people and it was nice to catch up with people I hadn’t seen in a while! It’s honestly just such a fun event and I can’t wait for the next one!" - Jeffrey Moreno

"Family day is a joyous day of being with our families and our Circle K family. This day is filled with positive energy, radiant love, and a whole lot of fun. Family Day is a special day of powerful bonding, humorous activities, and creating a 'home' feeling within our families and UCI Circle K." - Alan Nguyen

General Member Retreat

General Member Retreat is a summer-only event dedicated to thanking all the general members for their efforts through service, leadership and fellowship for the Circle K term. This event also welcomes any incoming freshmen interested to learn more about UCI Circle K as well as CKI alumni who just want to hang out. Last year, the venue was in a beach house located in Oxnard, CA. The amazing Member and Development Relations chairs customize this retreat to make it as fun and inviting to everyone in Circle K and with a variety of activities planned each time, get ready for good times and great laughs.

Quarterly Socials

Exam season is coming. You’ve pulled one too many all-nighters and now you’re looking for a way to restrain yourself from going (potentially) insane. Hoo boy, does UCI CKI have the solution for you! Every quarter the wonderful social chair(s) plan destressing events where all members get to partake in fun activities such as painting, having ice cream and donuts, or hunting for items in Downtown Disney. During finals week of every quarter, Green Thrones (@ UCI Student Center) welcomes all members who need a quiet place to study as well as to take a break from finals in general. Whether you’re feeling tuckered out from studying or just wanting to release some steam, go to these events and possibly meet someone new from Circle K; who knows?

"I attended broomball for the first time my last year in this club and honestly I regret not going sooner. It’s such a fun time with your friends as you get to see everyone slip on ice chasing after balls to hit into a goal." - Jeffrey Moreno
"The Scavenger Hunt at Irvine Spectrum was the first social I went to as a new member of Circle K.Because there were so many of us, we split up into smaller groups. I was able to meet one of my future bigs here and our team bonded over looking for the places scattered around the map! It was fun working together and even though we didn't win, it was one of the most defining moments of the club experience!" - Kimhuy Ngo
"Seaside was a great first social, because I had the opportunity to meet many new people in the club, while having some donuts by the sea. Everyone was really friendly and made it a great time overall." - Chapman Li

Collab Socials

UCI CKI extends a welcoming hand not only to members within the club, but also to the other colleges that belong in the Cal-Nev-Ha district. Besides, it wouldn't hurt to say hi or socialize with our fellow non-UCI Kiwanians once in a while right? There aren't many opportunities outside of DCON and TCs that we get to interact with members outside of UCI. Thus, there are collab socials! Just like the socials that are held for UCI CKI members, these collab socials are sometimes bigger but offer the same amount of fun and quality time. Whether it's munching on delicious donuts at Seaside Bakery or enjoying a cold ice cream cone at Afters, you still get to bond with the people around you. So, if you can’t make it to DCON or the TCs and still want to meet new people within the district, give these socials a go! :D

UCICKI Visits...

Orange Coast College and Others | Club Event

Have you ever wondered about the other colleges that are part of the Cal-Nev-Ha district and how they run their Circle K’s? Are you down to meeting fellow Circle-Kers from different campuses? Well, any of the UCICKI Visits… are good opportunities to do so! They’re one-night events in which a group of UCI Circle-Kers travel to one of the other Cal-Nev-Ha colleges, attend one of their general meetings, and have a fun time. This is a great way for UCI Circle-Kers to meet and bond with other Circle-Kers outside of UCI.


"Visiting other school's club meetings is always a fun way to branch out and meet new people. One of the more memorable club meetings I visited was at Saddleback Community College. We were a few minutes late to their meeting since we got the room number confused (LMAO), but when we finally showed up everyone was super warm and welcoming. We played a fun ice breaker to get everyone more comfortable with one another. After we all had a good laugh, we sat down and listened to their club updates. It's always interesting to hear what other clubs are up to and to see how they help the community. Once the meeting was over, Saddleback Circle K hosted a single service event making PTP dolls. This gave us the opportunity to get to know each other even more and do some service for those in need!" - Lianne Larkin

Key to College

UCI | Club Event

Key to College is a fun day where members from our club host a variety of activities and workshops to help prepare high school students for all things college related. We cover things including the application process, personal management, campus life, and even cultural diversity! This is a great opportunity to meet new people and learn some of the many things we have learned since coming to college.


"The event was great, I was given the chance to listen to the stories and learn from the experiences of the speakers. For example, there was this specific story that a speaker spoke about - he was going to work late when he saw a lost dog with a collar at the gate before leaving home. He wanted to help but couldn't since he was late. He made it clear that if we were better at time management, we could avoid the feeling of regret for not helping the dog." - Francisco Sepulveda