About Club Committees

As one of the largest clubs on campus, it is difficult to get everything done alone. That is why we have committee meetings to give our members a chance to directly get involved with our club! Each committee specializes in one particular aspect of our club, and once in a while we'll even hold workshops to help you guys develop your personal skills! Here is a look at some of our club committees. Check out our calendar for times!

Fundraising Committee

Heads: Alexis Bright and Hillary Le

"The Fun-D-raising committee works to bring everything from small to large scale fundraisers such as Variety Show and Mr. CKI to life that help support Circle K International's District Fundraising Initiatives (DFIs) of the term. This term, the Fun-D-raising committee is also working to improve the quality and quantity of our events for our members!"

"Responsibilities vary in different aspects of the club and in fundraising committee those tasks tend to gravitate towards team-building. As we worked on a few small and large scales fundraisers for the club, I began appreciating what each individual in the committee was able to contribute to the table while also expanding our own learning experiences." -Kathy Nguyen (Fundraising Committee Member Spring 2019 and 2020)

Kiwanis Family Committee

Heads: Celina Tiqui and Kimhuy Ngo

"The K-fam committee is about discussing future events that members would like to participate in with our local Kiwanis family. Also, it is to discuss and provide more information for members that would like to volunteer in service events involving the Kiwanians or our club in general."

Make sure to check out these pages: Kiwanis, Circle K International, Kiwanis Aktion Club, Kiwanis Builders Club, Kiwanis Kids!

Technology Internship Program (TIP)

Heads: Tin Luu and Travis Nguyen

"In the Technology Internship Program, you will be working with the Technology chair directly on the website’s features while updating the website content with your peers. No programming experience is required, but everyone will get the chance to code something if they wish! Visit the TIP page for more information!"

Change Thru Games (DLC)

Head: James Molamphy

“Change Thru Games (CTG) Committee works together to put on a 12-hour video game marathon. Members can come to CTG to play video games, play board games, dare the committee, and participate in tournaments. For more information, check out our Facebook page!"

Dance for a Chance

Head: Yvonne Dai

"Dance for a Chance is a four hour dance festival and fundraiser that takes place in spring quarter. The event includes dancing, performances, booths, food and much more!"

Hunger Over Easy

Head: Terry Nguyen

“Hunger Over Easy is a six-hour, Chopped-style competition. First started in 2016, Hunger Over Easy has attracted ‘aspiring chefs’ to join together and become the best. Want to participate? Feel free to become a fellow chef on the cutting board or the planning board! Committee applications coming soon in Fall Quarter 2020.”