Due to the on-going COVID 19 situation, CKI South and CKI North are merged into one online event!


• Early Registration (CHECK OR PAYPAL ONLY)
• Teams (of 6 people): $30/team
• Alternates/Individual Sign-Ups: $5/person
• Spectators: $5/person
• MUST BE RECEIVED BY Friday, October 10th
• (Contact our Club President to register!)


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Crazy Kompetition for Infants South (CKI South) is an annual event that raises money for the Pediatric Trauma Program (PTP) through a series of fun, competitive games and relays. Compete against other members from the Southern half of the CNH CKI District, support an amazing cause, and see which team will be the last one standing! This event typically takes place mid-October.

Pediatric Trauma Program (PTP)

Every year, unintentional injury results in more childhood deaths under the age of 14 than any other cause -- including disease, homicide, and suicide. However, 90% of these injuries are preventable! The Pediatric Trauma Program was created by the CNH Kiwanis Foundation in order to decrease the number of childhood deaths that are caused by unintentional physical injury and trauma. Money donated to PTP is used to provide appropriate medical training for doctors, provide safety equipment to young children, and fund grants to our six partner hospitals.


Members will have the opportunity to create teams of 6 (with the option of 1 alternate) and compete against teams from all over the southern half of the District! There will be 6 different games that will test each team's abilities, and the top teams will proceed to Semi-Finals and Finals.


Help ensure that Crazy Komp games run smoothly and are scored fairly, and receive service hours for your assistance! Please note that spots for judges are limited, and that signing up to be a judge does not exempt you from paying or registering for the event. Judges MUST attend an online training webinar (date TBD), as well as a Judges Meeting on the day of the event.


Support your teams on the sidelines and cheer them on the way to success! Spectators help liven the mood and motivate fellow teammates to think quicker, react faster, and act smarter. All spectators must not interfere with other teams' performances in the spirit of good sportsmanship.