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Legends Chat for Poseidon Family

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What's up Sea Stars! Welcome to the Poseidon Fam page!! Us three are SO excited to meet all of you and embark on this journey as we zoom (haha) through this school year. So pick up your crowns, grab your forks, and put on your fanciest fins because we're ready to rule this ocean! Follow us on Instagram!


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Hey everyone! :-) My name is Rebecca and I’m super PUMPED to be a family head for Poseidon fam! Some general info about me is that I am a 3rd year Exercise Science major (basically bio!) and was born and raised in the Bay Area. A few of my interests include working out, chasing sunsets, listening to music, watching movies, and finding new places to eat. Some of the artists I listen to include Leroy Sanchez, Kolohe Kai, and NCT 127 (just started getting more into kpop, send me your recs!) I also LOVE Disney and have an annual pass, so we should definitely go when things get better! In terms of personality, I would definitely classify myself as an ambivert. While I do value some alone time, I crave adventure and am always down to do (mostly) whatever, whenever! As one of your three Poseidon bigs, I will do my very best to make this family feel like a home away from home. Though, I just realized that some of y’all will actually be at home… but you get the point hehe. I think it’s especially important during these times to know you have someone you can count on and look to for support. Let me be that person! Anytime you wanna talk or hangout, I’ll be there for ya. Can’t wait to explore the ocean with you all!

Hello hello! My name is Celina and i am an incoming 2nd year majoring in English! I am from sunny SoCal (Torrance specifically!), but i am originally from the Philippines 🇵🇭 Even though I'm still baby™️, that doesn't mean I'm not super excited to be one of your bigs for this year! Some of my favorite things in the world include: music (BTS? 1D? T-Swift? All essentials), late night drives, and movies. I'm also a huge fan of comedy specials, so you may or may not be subject to my (sometimes) bad jokes :^( Like Rebecca, I also LOVE Disney and I'm hella excited to head back, annual pass in hand! During quarantine *cries* I've been getting back into some hobbies like writing. Before everything Hit, you could usually find me eating at some random restaurant, dying at the library, getting boba, or blasting the weirdest combo of every genre of music in my car (his name is Lightning named after Lightning Mcqueen and I love him). Speaking of quarantine, this upcoming school year is probably/definitely not what you imagined it would be. But! I'm here to tell y'all that regardless of whether you'll be local or not, I am #prepared to make sure your time with Poseidon Fam is as amazing as possible!! Never hesitate to call me or beep me if you wanna reach me because chances are, I am just vibing on Tik Tok waiting for some new adventure to go on. Have a FINtastic day! It is now time for me to return to the Ocean. *splash*

SEA you soon!