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Greetings fortune tellers! Welcome to Oracle Fam's website, where you can learn more about our three biggos Josh, Mai, and James! Join us and open up your third eye...

Joshua Hsin

Hey y'all! I'm Josh, and I'm a 3rd year Computer Science Major (beep boop). I'm from Fremont, California and I'm a little shy at first, but once you get to know me, I'll expose my crackhead energy to you. I'll probably make a lot of dad jokes so expect to cringe, but I promise I can make you laugh eventually! I love working out, playing basketball, going on food runs, watching movies, and just getting to know people and hanging out with friends. I mainly listen to Hip-hop and R&B - SZA, Brockhampton, Tyler, the Creator, H.E.R - but also some Kpop and especially Korean R&B - "Crush, Heize, Hoody, DPR Live". I'm so excited to get to know y'all!

Mai Vo

What’s up guys! I’m Mai, the second big of Oracle Fam! I’m a second year and I’m currently Undeclared but I’m leaning towards Psychological Science!
Some fun facts about me ;)
🔮 I watch Stephanie Soo mukbangs religiously
🔮 I will splurge for good food (especially sushi) 😌
🔮 I like listening to true crime podcasts
🔮 My fav music genres are kpop, r&b, lo-fi, and indie
🔮 My hobbies are baking, dancing, and calligraphy
🔮 I’m trying to get into bullet journaling and drawing but let’s see how that goes
Can’t wait to meet everyone! Stay healthy and safe! 🥰

James Cortes

Heyooo I’m James Cortes and I’m gonna be a big for Oracle Fam! I’m a fourth year with a major in Environmental Science and Policy and minors in Sociology and Statistics! Hope to see you all in my future 🔮
Fun facts about me:
🧿 I’m one of the Spirit-Social chairs
🧿 I transferred from Pierce College (LA)
🧿 I love cranberry juice
🧿 Tell me any literary or psychological analysis of the show Avatar The Last Airbender and I will love you forever
🧿 I don’t understand how to measure rice with my finger
Keep manifesting those good vibes ✌🏼✨