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"Don't let your dreams be dreams." - Shia LaBeouf

Tiffany Nguyen

Hewwo! I'm Tiffany! I am third year Education Science and Social Policy and Public Service with a minor in Psychological Science (yes, I'm doing too much, please hmu for any of them). I am a biggo for Morpheus fam. I am serving as the Vice President of Service, so please keep me company at my services 🥴 I love going to museums or going to the next spot to take photos! I'm not the best photographer, but I'll get those angles for your next pfp :)) I am also currently learning how to be a skater guuuurl, so watch me fall a lot 🤡

Overall as your big, I hope to support you in whatever you put your mind to and aid you as best of my abilities in making your "dreams" a reality. It is hard to manage college sometimes, and if you feel overwhelmed and need someone to talk to, I am here for you! I am excited to be your big and send all my love and support wherever you are! See ya'll soon ❤ - Random facts about me: I only listen to rap music only and order only strawberry drinks about the boba shops.

Chapman Danger Li

Buongiorno, traveler.

My name is Chapman and I'm a family head for Morpheus fam. I'm a fourth-year economics major with interests in consulting and data science. I enjoy playing sports (like football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, and tbh if you want to ball with your bros I got you), traveling, and eating at grub spots. I listen to all types of music (country only), I like memes (unfunny ones only), and I use organic shampoo and zinc sunblock (when I go out), and I don't go out because the rona is lurking (or do I?). I also like to go to Newport beach on Saturday mornings to watch the Surfing Academy and I can read your palm using this app I downloaded, and so far all of my clients have believed in my readings! Anyways, if you're quirky, basic, normal, unusual, or Shrek, I would love for you to join this fam.

Feel free to DM me for anything, I'll respond to you with something cool I hope :D

David Taing

Hi! My name is David and I am a third year BIM (Business Information Management) major. I like to tennis, basketball, and any other sport that you can think of! My favorite genre is EDM as of now, but I like all genre's, feel free to shoot me a playlist or songs that you are currently listening to and we can vibe together. If you like photography we can go on photoshoots, got that DSLR to take those high quality shots, just let me know the when and where. Also, I play quite a bit of video games, so if you play {insert current trending video game at the moment when you are reading this}, I will probably be playing it too haha. I am very spontaneous and am always down to do stuff, can't wait to meet all of you and have an amazing year with y'all!