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Ngan Nguyen
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An Le
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Legends Chat for Dryad Family

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We are the SEXIEST, the SMARTEST, and the MOST HUMBLE family in Circle K. Join us if you want a fun time. If you join our family we will make you strongly exhale through your nostrils and you will make amazing friends. We will update this page with more info later so check us out again later 👀
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If you want a fun surprise CLICK HERE (Warning Explicit)


Sup Legends, my name is An Le and I’ll be your family head for Dryad fam! Some quick info about me is that I am an incoming 3rd year Human Biology major, so if you have any questions/need advice for Bio I’m your guy. Also I’m from the Bay, yay. For music taste my fav artists right now would be Jorja Smith, SZA and BROCKHAMPTON, but if you got any recs hmu. I’m a slight fan of penguins and one of my hobbies includes collecting all forms of penguin merch. Besides that I like to watch intriguing YouTube videos, write raps(my rap name is Anye West), play games on the Switch and hang out whenever, particularly night time cuz my sleep schedule is wack. Whether we’re doing online or real life socials, I guarantee we’re gonna have a good time :))) I’m always down for late night deep talks especially if you’re feeling stressed from stuff. Feel free to reach out to me or any of my cobigs if you have any questions or concerns, but yes join Dryad and grow with us! #BeATreewithMe

Ngan Nguyen

(Ngan let her Co's work on her bio)
Name: Ngan Bao Ngoc Nguyen
Age: 20
Place of birth: Vietnam
Interests: Baking, tennis, bullet journals
Height: 4’ 11”
Seeking: Friendship 🤞🤞

Basically none, but I guess we got a few🤷‍♀️
Spirit Animal is a hampster so is probably not feral😩😩
Cuffed but might be interested in swinging😳😳
Will support anyone (AKA you) if they’re Asian (Said she would vote for Kim Jon-Un)👲
A Hoe🤰🤰🤰...for quality time
Feet so small that you can buy her the cheaper kids version of a shoe 👠
I guess some people say she has a decent personality 🤷‍♀️
Works at Sunright so can hook you up with that foamy cheese 😋

Thinks Crocs 🐊 are stylish (Especially with socks)🤮🤮🤮
Pours milk🥛 before cereal 🥣 (Like a psychopath)👹👹👺
Born in Vietnam 🇻🇳 so probably a communist 💃💃
Puppetmaster👺 (Will manipulate your emotions and pretend to be the victim when you’re actually the victim🥵🥵)😬😬
“Is baby”🥺🥺🤮🤮🤮
Has the worst sleep schedule, will probably ruin your Circadian rhythm too💆‍♀️
Give you whiplash 🥵 from the emotional trauma she will put you through💅
Aquarius ♒️ 🤢🤢🤢


Hello! I am one of the Technology Chairs (The better one) for our club. I am an incoming 4th year Computer Science major. If you have questions about CS or our Technology Internship Program (TIP) LMK! My hobbies include (from order of least important to most) embroidering, woodburning art, ceramics, baking, and sleeping. I'm always down to do anything (especially at night cuz my sleep schedule is messed up). If you're down in Irvine then we'll have some fun adventures, but if you're not, we'll also do fun stuff online too! Don't be afraid to join if you aren't in Irvine! WE WILL BE DOING STUFF ONLINE and I guarantee you will have an amazing time if you join us!
Some talents include: Knowing the first half of Renegade (My favorite part is when you strongly exhale). I can kinda whistle. I can guess your accurately your age (plus or minus 10 years).
My flaws are: I sing in the shower. Sometimes I spend too much time volunteering. Occasionally I'll hit somebody with my car.
Some other things: I watch anime DUBBED and I dislike ketchup
If you have any questions feel free to DM me! I'm always down to talk about anything! Join our Family!