Jonathan Estrada
Email: jonatae2@uci.edu
Chaya Pearl
Email: cepearl@uci.edu
Tin Luu
Email: tintl1@uci.edu
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Hello future Archers!!!! We are so happy to welcome each and every one of you rays of sunshine to APOLLO FAM!!! Jon, Chaya, and Tin are SO glad that you shot your ZOT and wanted to check us out! Our family is centered around many things. We embody the God of Music with our love of listening and playing music and we love philosophy (aka simping) and vibing together. And so much more!!!! But most importantly, we want y’all to have an unforgettable experience. Times are hard right now, but rest assured that we'll rise like the Sun and we won’t let anything stop us from providing a second family for our archers! We just want y’all to feel comfortable to be yourselves and to shine brighter than the sun. We know that you guys can hit any target you aim for and we want to provide y’all with all the energy the sun can supply. Check out our social media and feel free to reach out to the bigs if you have any questions!

Jonathan Estrada

HELLO YELLO! What's up future archers? My name's Jonathan, but you can call me Jon! I'm a 3rd year Computer Science Major ( and maybe a minor in Business Management :0 ), and I'm super hyped to be a family head of Apollo Fam this year! Apollo's the god of many things, but I resonate (hehe) the most with music! While I like to listen to multiple genres of music (R&B, jazz, instrumental covers), I also enjoy making music, especially piano covers! As for other hobbies, I'm a fan of the Monster Hunter franchise, hiking, playing table tennis, and eating Matcha Pocky! Just as the college experience has shaped my life and social life in extroardinary ways, I'm committed towards being your BIGGEST hypeman but also someone who'll always listen to and support you through your college journey :,) Despite how wacky and uncertain this year's been, rest assured that we'll be your guiding light and do our best to shine a path towards a year full of excitement! Strap your quivers, stock up on arrows, and let's aim high ya'll >:3

Chaya Pearl

WHAT’S UP Y’ALL!!!!!! My name is Chaya (pronounced like hi-ya hehe) I am a 3rd-year Psychological Sciences Major and I am SO EXCITED to be one of the family heads for APOLLO FAM!!!!! I am also a Peer Academic Advisor so I am more than willing to help you with any problem you are having, whether that be academic or personal. ❤ I enjoying doing just about anything. I am VERY spontaneous. I love just going out on late night adventures, singing with the windows down (not well hehe), and just vibing with everyone. I listen to many different types of music, from simp vibes to the Hamilton soundtrack (yes I know all the words). I am also a sucker for good movies and TV shows. I love Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Marvel, etc. Beautiful cinematography is my kryptonite (Parasite eyes emoji). I am also really into sports! Basketball and football are my favorite so I am always down to watch games or talk about the hot topics of the sports world. I also am getting into Dungeons and Dragons! I really like finding outlets for my creativity as well as finding new ways to connect with people and to just have an amazing time. More than anything, I want to create a great experience for everyone I meet. College is a time for you to branch out, meet new people, and create lasting memories. That is me, and my wonderful co-bigs goals. You have already shot an arrow through my heart by reading this and I can’t wait to provide you all with the college experience you deserve! ❤

Tin Luu

Helloooo! My name is Tin Luu and I am a 3rd year Computer Science Major who is super hyped to (hopefully) be your future big! I am also one of the two Technology Chairs (the superior tech chair) who helped redesign the website you are using right now! And as for interests I play video games, watch Netflix but mostly Kdramas, and watch Soccer and Hockey. So if you are into Smash, crying over Kdramas, or the San Jose Sharks please join our fam! I’m also pretty into Korean music and some artists I like are Heize, Taeyeon, and IU. But as my personality, if you are looking for someone to joke around with or be chill with I’m the guy. I’ll simultaneously make fun (jokingly) of my littles while also saying that we are the best fam in Circle K. But I’m also here to help all of y’all whenever you are struggling in school, with life, or with anything. I hope this read has helped you become more interested in joining our fam but if it hasn’t then I can’t do anything about that. If you have any questions message me on Facebook or my other socials!