Emily Gao
Email: egao4@uci.edu
Kenneth Seng
Email: sengkl@uci.edu
Kit Ma
Email: kitmm@uci.edu
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This one is for the boys with the booming system Top down, AC with the cooling system When he come up in the club, he be blazin' up Got stacks on deck like he savin' up

Emily Gao

Hello future birdies! I'm Emily and I'm an upcoming third year Public Health Science major. I'm originally from Cupertino (wooo the bay! 😎) and I'm so excited to get to know you all. I hope to make y'all laugh this year and have lots of fun during our time together. I'm a huge goofball so I can for sure turn any frown upside down. I like listening to music (ahem listen to the Zephyr album by Niki) and simping so maybe we can simp together or whatever 🥺👉👈. I'm also a big BTS fan if you're into that 👀 #jungkookismyhusband. I'm so happy to be your big this year and be prepared to let the winds blow you away!

Kenneth Lorn Seng

What’s good everyone? Kenny is my name and I’m a 6 foot 1 Cambodian that likes all things related to 88rising who is also the family head for Zephyr Fam. wHoOoSh!! I’m currently majoring in Business Economics with a minor in Accounting, so I’m all about that STONKS and fixed assets or whatever econ majors are supposed to be learning about. My main hobbies and interests are volleyball, hiking, window shopping for shoes and streetwear clothing, and watching stuff like k-dramas or shows like The Good Place and The Office. As for music, I like listening to anything whether its Rap (Amine, YG, Kendrick, Tyler), R&B (Kehlani, Daniel Caesar, Niki, Jeff Bernat), or K-R&B (Zico, Sam Kim, Zion.T). There’s so much more I want to share about myself, but I guess I have to wait until I have you guys as my littles AHEH. I’m always down for any spontaneous adventures, whether if it’s in person or online. No matter where you guys are gonna be, I know for sure we’re gonna make some unforgettable memories as a fam. But yea, join Zephyr Fam and prepare for a breathtaking year with lots of simpy NIKI listening sessions and some kite-flying.

Kit Shao Ma

Hello everyone my name is Kit and I am a 3rd year Computer Science Major! I am so excited to be having you as my little and that I promise that I will take care of you guys :`). Some fun facts about me is that I love playing video games and board games, but I usually play them in non-conventional ways (join my fam if you wanna find out more) and I also love taking long walks. I have a lot of stories to share and a lot of new stories to create with you guys so get ready to go on a breathtaking journey together!