UCI Circle K - Patch Notes August 2020 - Creating Legends Through Service

Patch Notes August 2020

August 31, 2020 Authored by: Tin Luu
*Note - You can click on the titles to access the part of the website that has changed
Page Adjustments
  • Extreme Makeover: Home Page Edition:  Updated the Home Page
    • Included more images to freshen up the look of the page and adjusted the formatting
    • Add more interactivity to the home page (try hovering the images)
    • Added on scroll animations when you go through the page
  • New Dryad Species: Mentor Mentee Trees!
    • This is an interactive gallery of the many mentor mentee lines that UCI Circle K has! 
    • To access go to About -> Mentor/Mentee Program
    • If your line isn't on the Mentor/Mentee Tree message the Tech Chairs with your line!
  • FE (Family Emblems): 13 Families: New family Emblems!
    • They are on the main page and the families page
    • Check them out! And also check out the future fams of UCI Circle K!

Usability Adjustments
  • CS 121 Masters: We have a search bar!
    • To use it click on the search button in the navigation bar, which will lead to a Google like search bar
    • Then type in whatever you want to see on the website! (I suggest searching for Apollo)
  • Bubble Bubble Bubble Pop: The calendar has Pop Ups!
    • When you hover over the calendar events, there will be a popup to see the event description
    • There will be more additions to the popup in the future! 

Smaller Adjustments
    • Added some color to the icons on the footer when you hover it
    • The website is more secure (switched from Http to Https)
    • Many bug fixes
    • Much more so look around the website to find out!

Coming in September 2020 (Hopefully)
  • New Games!
  • Updated graphics for the about pages
  • An overall cleaner look to the website
  • More bug fixes
  • Much more so look forward to that!