UCI Circle K - Patch Notes April 2020 - Creating Legends Through Service

Patch Notes April 2020

May 3, 2020 Authored by: Tin Luu
Page Adjustments

  • Picture Perfect: Updated the Photo Gallery Page
    • Now using Google Photos!
    • Updated the interface to look more modern and clean

  • SOS - Send Out Suggestions: Updated the Suggestions
    • You can now submit without an account
    • You will be send a notification when board resolves your suggestions
      • Can see that response in the messages center

  • Quarantine Got Me So Board: Updated the About Board Page
    • Separated E-board and A-board
    • Photos are now correctly formatted

  • Size Doesn’t Matter: Smaller Adjustments
    • Trevor Project -> Environmental Defense Fund
    • Hid some sites to make site cleaner

Usability Adjustments

  • FINALLY!: If you mess up your password you no longer get sent back to the main page
  • Home Sweet Home: The Circle K logo on the top left now navigates you to the home page

Coming in May 2020 (Hopefully)

  • Mentor/Mentee Trees! 
  • Actually being able to sign out..