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TIP Members

Technology Internship Program

  • Founder: Bryce Tham
  • Arthur Tham
  • Christian Poon
  • Geoffery He
  • Nico Beltran

Spring TIP 2016

  • Technology Chair: Arthur Tham
  • Ami Patel
  • Christian Poon
  • Elton Xue
  • Mark Calabio
  • Matthew Hemedez
  • My Lynn Huynh
  • Nico Beltran

Summer TIP 2016

  • Features Designers:
    Arthur Tham, Matthew Hemedez
  • Graphics Designers:
    Ami Patel, Alex Chang
  • Content Managers:
    Mark Calabio, Vivian Lee
  • Informational Managers:
    Carlos Fabian, Dustin Chang
  • Honorary Members:
    Cristian Palomo, Eric Vu

Fall TIP 2016

  • Technology Chair: Arthur Tham
  • Announcements/Forms Managers:
    Christina Hanna, Matthew Ng, Jefferson Perez
  • Content Managers:
    Elton Xue, Matthew Hemedez
  • Media Managers:
    Carlos Fabian, My Lynn Huynh, Mark Calabio
  • Honorary Members:
    Ami Patel

All-New Winter TIP

  • Technology Chair: Arthur Tham
  • Andrew Yu
  • Carlos Fabian
  • Jefferson Perez
  • Karen Tsai
  • Kyler Tagupa
  • Reginald Sellote
  • Winnie Lam
  • Honorary Member: Nico Beltran

Spring TIP 2017

  • Technology Chair: Andrew Yu
  • Alicia Sieu
  • Brandon Law
  • Joseph Basilio
  • Karen Tsai
  • Nishat Jahan
  • Raymond Ta
  • Winnie Lam
  • Honorary Member: Arthur Tham

The TIP Continues!

About the TIP

In the all new Technology Internship Program, you will be working with the Technology chair directly on the website’s features while updating the website content with your peers. No programming experience is required, but everyone will get the chance to code something if they wish!


What made me interested in the TIP was the opportunity for me to contribute to the club through something I was interested in: website management. In the TIP, I wrote announcements, updated important pages, and kept the forms section up to date. In the end, I think the TIP does a good job of keeping you informed since you are the one updating the website.

- Arthur Tham

I joined TIP because I wanted to get more involved in CKI but not as a board member or family head so TIP was the best way to be involved. My job as a Forms manager is to make sure all the forms are uploaded to the website and help out with announcements on the page when needed. It really is interesting seeing how much work is put into the CKI website and how every thing each TIP member does contributes to the maintenance of the website as a whole. I would definitely recommend joining TIP to anyone who wants to be more involved in the club and to anyone whose just really interested in seeing how a website is run/ how the CKI website is maintained.

- Christina Hanna

The reason why I was interested in the TIP was because I wanted to be contribute more in Circle K, and in addition gain experience in html and how to maintain a website In my experience, I’ve edited and organized different webpages of the UCI Circle K website, updated the media content such as photos, videos, and prezis. The thing I learned from TIP is how a website like the UCICKI one operates behind-the-scenes. My advice to TIP members would be to communicate effectively with one another and make sure to get those tasks done!

- Mark Calabio

I was initially drawn to TIP because I knew I would be able to work on the website and learn some new things from it. Also, a lot of the members are always using the website, so I felt that the work I do can be useful/helpful to them in some way. If anyone was ever considering joining TIP, I’d definitely recommend it, you can get the chance to learn something new. Be open to learning new things! ?

- MyLynn Huynh

How Do I Join the TIP?

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