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What is Service?

As one of the three tenets, service is the fundamental element of Circle K International. Collectively, through service, Circle K members make an impact on their campuses and communities. Without service, Circle K International would be just another campus activity. College students are making the world a better place one service project at a time by volunteering at various local institutions. Members can also discover their love for service by doing service projects. They can do service projects with other schools around the Magic Kingdom Division and beyond. Together, Circle K'ers truly make a difference in the community.

Service Initiatives

Each year, the Cal-Nev-Ha District of Circle K adopts and works toward a new District Service Initiative (DSI). A DSI is our district’s service goal to promote within the club and educate the members about. It’s up to the club’s service chairs to come up with activities, events and service that relate or contribute to our DSI such as table-top service projects or workshops pertaining to the DSI. The purpose of the DSI is to help spread awareness to issues that our world is currently facing. In years past, our DSIs have ranged from Leaping Towards Literacy (2014-2015), Hope for the Homeless (2015-2016), Serve to Conserve: Planet Conservation (2016-2017), Be the Change - Personal Health (2017-2018) and last year’s term had the challenge of taking on the DSI of Helping Those With Disabilities. For this year, the district has chosen the DSI to be Focusing on Education.

What is Focusing on Education?

Although education serves as a stepping stone for many to grow and learn, there are multiple schools across the district that are underfunded and underserved. It is a common trend for students in these underserved areas to fall behind grade level due to lack of resources both at home and at school. As quality education should be accessible to all, this year’s DSI aims to enhance and improve the educational experience of all students, from K-12 and college level to special education, in order to provide them the opportunities and resources they deserve.

How can YOU make a difference?

With endless service and leadership opportunities in Circle K, there are so many ways that you can contribute to the DSI this year! From chairing service projects to planning tabletop service projects related to the DSI, you can make a difference regardless of how you do it. Whether you’re creating your own project from scratch or working with non-profit organizations focused on awareness, every step that CNH Circle K takes towards the initiative, we thank you for your passion and dedication towards serving our community and helping us reach our goal as a district!

District Large Scale Service Project (DLSSP)

District Event

CNH Circle K holds a DLSSP event related to its District Service Initiative to help the community in many ways. In 2017, members will serve to conserve by removing weeds and restoring ecological areas so that those areas can once again become green.

Divisional Service Projects

Division Event

Divisional Service Projects are projects where Magic Kingdom Circle K members work closely with other organizations in order to help our community. Such projects promote networking throughout the division in order to achieve a higher goal of helping our local community. Divisional Service Projects include marathons, special olympics, helping homeless shelters, OC Food Bank, and other volunteer events.

Spring Into Service

UCI | Club Event

Spring Into Service is UCI Circle K's special week to jumpstart service for the first week of a new term! Members and non-members learn about the service events and projects the club has to offer, such as Tabitha's Blessings, on-campus cleanup, and the Environmental Nature Center. Members can also learn more about the new board and the events they plan to offer. Other activities include tabling and fundraisers.

Tabitha's Blessings Food Distribution

Civic Center (Santa Ana) | Club Event

Tabitha's Blessings is devoted to providing food, hygiene products, and other supportive services to the homeless and those who live at or below the poverty level. Volunteers hand out food to homeless individuals in the city of Santa Ana.


"Tabitha's Blessings makes a person crave for more service. It's such a warm feeling to share smiles with those in need. That's how I know it made an impact. Tabitha's is one of the many service events that make you want to come back after graduating." -Tony Keo

Meals on Wheels

Irvine Lakeview Senior Center | Club Event


Irvine Meals on Wheels' mission is to assist eligible homebound senior residents in maintaining healthy, great tasting meals delivered to their homes. Volunteers provide a vital service to those who are unable to prepare meals for themselves. Assist with preparing and packaging the daily meals for senior citizens in the Irvine community!


"I think what makes meals on wheels stand out is the people. You walk in every morning and see people already working around the kitchen and preparing food. There’s always something for you to do at this service event and it’s such a good feeling seeing how happy the elderly are when they receive their food because it’s made by the effort of volunteers and the staff. You definitely won’t regret signing up for this event!" -Errol Manarang

South County Outreach

SCO Center | Club Event


South County Outreach distributes nearly one million pounds of emergency, non-perishable and fresh food to an average of 9,000 families annually. Volunteers help in their warehouse.


Hemopet Canine Blood Bank (Garden Grove) | Club Event

Hemopet is a full-service facility consisting of an animal blood bank, greyhound rescue and adoption, and specialty veterinary diagnostic laboratory. Volunteers help walk and play with the greyhounds to keep them happy, healthy, and ready for adoption.


"I enjoyed this event because animals are an enormous part of my life. Although the greyhounds can't literally tell us 'Hey, thanks for walking me today', you can tell that they really feel loved by the way they wag their tails and get excited when they see us. Those moments are what make waking up at 8AM worth it." -Luci Villasenor

"I like dogs. I'm glad to have come out for Hemopet because I had a lot of fun. It also felt good to do service alongside great individuals." -Raymond Ta

Girls Incorporated

Pomona Elementary (Costa Mesa) | Club Event

Girls Inc. inspires all girls to be strong, smart, and bold, providing more than 140,000 girls across the U.S. and Canada with life-changing experiences and solutions to the unique challenges girls face. The Girls Inc. Experience consists of people, an environment, and programming that, together, empower girls to succeed. Volunteers read with girls in grades 1 through 3 in small groups to allow them to practice their English skills.


"I think the most rewarding thing about this service project is seeing how much the girls improve and grow in their reading and writing skills. When I started, one of the girls I tutored read picture books and now she's reading big chapter books. It makes me proud seeing how much they develop in a short amount of time!" -Winnie Lam

Save Our Youth

SOY Center (Costa Mesa) | Club Event

Save Our Youth (SOY) empowers the youth of Newport Mesa to make positive decisions in life through a variety of programs including academic, dance, art, music, health, fitness, and student empowerment. Volunteers help tutor children and teenagers by talking to them, helping them on homework, and make sure that they stay focused on their academics.


"As a first generation, low-income student, I love tutoring at SOY because I get to help out those students who were once in my position. Whether it is tutoring them in a subject they’re struggling in or just talking to the students, you can create a great impact that can change the rest of their lives." -Jessica Camacho

Child Creativity Lab

Orange County | Club Event

The Child Creativity Lab's mission is to nurture the creative mindset of our children in the headwinds of the busy lifestyles of working parents, the consuming technology culture of our youth, and standardized testing for purposes of enhancing problem solving, critical thinking, divergent thinking, and ability to innovate. Volunteers help lead the workshops and interact with kids to provide them with a fun and educational learning experience.


"Child Creativity Lab is one of my favorite service events. Seeing the children's excitement and enthusiasm as they worked together to create art is really touching and I'm glad that I was able to help foster creativity in young children." -Jenny Li