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Circle K International at UCI is one of the oldest clubs on campus. A group of students first applied to be a campus organization in 1966. In 1967, Circle K International at UCI was first chartered, but lost its charter in the 70s. Circle K International at UCI was re-established on September 10, 1979. In 2010, UCI had the second largest Circle K organization internationally with over 214 members and Today, UCI Circle K is the largest Circle K organization internationally!

UC Irvine Circle K is sponsored and represented at Kiwanis International by our amazing Home Kiwanis: The Kiwanis Club of Newport Beach/Corona Del Mar. As a club, we maintain relationships with Kiwanis to gain mentorship and expand our networking skills by attending Kiwanis meetings, organizing service projects together, hosting Kiwanis meeting takeovers, and participating in a Shadow Program in which Circle K members are able to be mentored about their careers. The Kiwanis Club of Newport Beach/Corona Del Mar also sponsors University High Key Club, Newport Harbor High School, Corona Del Mar High School, and Division 41 North.
2019-2020 Board Members

President - Reginald Sellote
Vice President of Administration (VPA) - Chad Ruaburo
Vice President of Service (VPS) - Danny Del Cid
Secretary - Andrew Yu
Treasurer - Joyce Wu
Fundraising Chairs - Alexandra Uskov and Yvonne Dai
Historian - Kyle San Jose
Kiwanis Family Relations (K-Fam) Chairs - Alvin Nguyen and Brandon Kincaid
Membership Development and Recognition/Retention (MD&R) Chair - Anika Engracia
Member Development & Education (MD&E) Chair - John Rae Diego
Membership Programs (MP) Chairs - Tiffany Lim
News Editor Chairs - Alyssa Chan and Cecilia Qian
Public Relations (PR) Chairs - Denise Nguyen and Lianne Larkin
Scrapbook Chair - Shelly Ye
Single Service Chairs - Brenda Wong and Kristi Ryono
Spirit/Social Chairs - Christian Checa and Mylan Ross
Technology Chairs - Arman Amjad and Brian Liu

2019-2020 District Board Members

District Convention Committee
Honors Reception/VIP Host - Winnie Lam
Sergeant-At-Arms - Kyle San Jose

Fall Training Conference Committee
Sergeant-At-Arms - Alicia Sieu

Membership Recognition Committee
Master Records Sheet Coordinator - Winnie Lam
Southern Recognition Specialist - David Su

Technology Committee
District Events Technologist - Alvin Nguyen

2019-2020 Divisional Leadership Team

Lieutenant Governor - Katherine Hoang
Executive Assistant - Alicia Sieu
Membership Development and Education - Derek Baylis
Fellowship and Spirit - Don Nguyen

2019-2020 District Convention Awards
2018-2019 Board Members

President - Ami Patel
Vice President of Administration (VPA) - Kimberly Cao
Vice President of Service (VPS) - Alicia Sieu
Secretary - Winnie Lam
Treasurer - William Le
Fundraising Chairs - Akina Ishimoto and Nancy Nguyen
Kiwanis Family Relations (K-Fam) Chairs - Cody Phan and Don Nguyen
Membership Development and Recognition/Retention (MD&R) Chair - Le An Pham
Member Development & Education (MD&E) Chair - Sarina Vang
Membership Programs (MP) Chairs - Karen Tsai
Videographer - Jennie Vong
Public Relations (PR) Chairs - Chris Tran and Michael Vo
Scraptorian - Kimberly Bui
Single Service Chairs - Chad Ruaburo and Naomi Gingras
Spirit/Social Chairs - Lianne Larkin and Andrew Yu
Technology Chair - Serjohn Pascual

2018-2019 District Board Members

District Convention Committee
Sergeant-At-Arms Chair - Chris Tran

Kiwanis Family & Foundation
Magic Kingdom Liaison - Don Nguyen

Membership Development & Education
Emerald Liaison - Kristin Kim Nguyen

2018-2019 District Convention Awards
100% MRF On-Time: Winnie Lam
2nd Place Outstanding Non-Traditional Scrapbook: Kimberly Bui
3rd Place for Most Funds Raised for Independent Charities: Arleene Chao, Darin Ngo, Emybeth Pascual
1st Place for Most Funds Raised for Feeding America: Akina Ishimoto and Nancy Nguyen
Distinguished Appointed Board: Andrew Yu
Distinguished Appointed Board: Chad Ruaburo
Distinguished Appointed Board: Chris Tran
Distinguished Appointed Board: Lianne Larkin
Distinguished Appointed Board: Naomi Gingras
3rd Place Outstanding Single Service: Chad Ruaburo and Naomi Gingras
John Woodall Distinguished Membership Development and Education: Sarina Vang and Le An Pham
Don Hull Distinguished Kiwanis Family Relations: Cody Phan and Don Nguyen
Distinguished Secretary: Winnie Lam
Distinguished Vice President of Service: Alicia Sieu
Distinguished Vice President of Administration: Kimberly Cao
Distinguished President: Ami Patel
2nd Place Mei Po Wong Overall Service (Platinum Division): Alicia Sieu, Chad Ruaburo, Naomi Gingras
Camille Goulet Distinguished Club
1st Place Outstanding Total Achievement (Platinum Division)
Distinguished Kiwanis Club: Kiwanis of Coronal Del Mar/Newport Beach
Distinguished Divisional Excellence
Divisional Spirit Award
2017-2018 Board Members

President - Kyler Tagupa
Vice President of Administration (VPA) - Jigzen Carrasco
Vice President of Service (VPS) - Reginald Sellote
Secretary - Marvin Bolainez
Treasurer - Darin Ngo
Fundraising Chairs - William Le and Sophia Phan
Kiwanis Family Relations (K-Fam) Chairs - Jessica Camacho and Kimberly Cao
Membership Development and Recognition/Retention (MD&R) Chair - Jessica Garcia
Member Development & Education (MD&E) Chair - Helen On
Membership Programs (MP) Chairs - Katie Marie Kiggins
News Editor Chairs - My Lynn Huynh and Yvon Tran
Public Relations (PR) Chairs - Jenny Li and Bao Tran
Scrapbook Chair - Theresa Doan
Single Service Chairs - Milan Pham and Alicia Sieu
Spirit/Social Chairs - Carolyne Villaescusa and Lesley Wong
Technology Chair - Andrew Yu

2017-2018 District Board Members

District Convention Committee
Decorations & Souvenirs - Winnie Lam

Fall Training Conference Committee
Programs - Darin Ngo

District Member Development & Education (MD&E) Committee
Executive Assistant - Ami Patel
Webinar & Workshops - Sabrina Fang

2017-2018 District Convention Awards
1st Place Outstanding Newsletter: Yvon Tran and My Lynn Huynh
2nd Place Outstanding Non-Traditional Scrapbook: Theresa Doan
2nd Place Outstanding Website: Andrew Yu
100% MRF Submission
Growth Enhancement Membership Award
Distinguished Club Improvement
1st Place Overall Service Totals: Kyler Tagupa
3rd Place Overall Service Totals: Winnie Lam
Distinguished Appointed Board: Carolyne Villaescusa
Distinguished Appointed Board: Kimberly Cao
Distinguished Appointed Board: Yvon Tran
Distinguished Treasurer: Darin Ngo
Distinguished Secretary: Marvin Bolainez
Distinguished Vice President of Service: Reginald Sellote
Distinguished President: Kyler Tagupa
2nd Place for funds raised for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
1st Place Talent Act
Divisional Excellence Award
Divisional Spirit Award
2016-2017 Board Members

President - Cristian Palomo
Vice President of Administration (VPA) - Derek Tran
Vice President of Service (VPS) - Alycia McGeever
Secretary - Eric Vu
Treasurer - Diane Huynh
Media Chair - Joshua Montefalcon
Fundraising Chairs - Alvin Tan and Joyce Wang
Kiwanis Family Relations (K-Fam) Chair - Russel Okamura
Membership Development Chairs (MD) - Ami Patel and Debbie Vang
Membership Programs (MP) Chair - Patricia Zarate
Public Relations (PR) Chairs - Angelika Buczynski and Anthony Guzman
Single Service Chairs - Gene Gonzalez and Jigzen Carrasco
Spirit/Social Chairs - Roy Golingan and Sabrina Fang
Technology Chair - Arthur Tham
Yearbook Chair - Colleen Eng

2016-2017 District Board Members

District Executive Board
District Governor - Alex D. Nguyen

District Appointed Board
District Convention Chair - Sienna Serrano

District Convention Committee
Executive Assistant - Emily Wong
Decorations & Souvenirs - Biancka Dela Cruz, Tiffany Huynh
Slideshow/Promotion - George Hernandez
Talent Show - Jonathan Htike
VIP Host - Kristian Balmes

Fall Training Conference Committee
Graphics - Priscilla Lu
Slideshow - Josh Montefalcon

District Finance & Fundraising Committee
CKI South - Omar Sanchez
Promotion - Quyen Nguyen

District Membership Development & Education Commitee
District Representative - Jonathan Htike

District Service Committee
Registration - Sonia Xu
Service Resources - Cailey Barnes

2016-2017 District Convention Awards
100% MRFs Submitted on Time: Eric Vu
Late Owl Dues Award (Bronze)
3rd Place Funds Raised Per Member for the Kiwanis Family House
1st Place Outstanding Website: Arthur Tham
1st Place Outstanding Non-Traditional Scrapbook: Theresa Doan
1st Place Talent Act
Distinguished Membership Development & Education: Ami Patel and Debbie Vang
Distinguished Kiwanis Family Relations: Russell Okamura
Distinguished Appointed Board Officer: Alan Nguyen, Josh Montefalcon, Patricia Zarate, and Sabrina Fang
Distinguished Treasurer: Diane Huynh
Distinguished Vice President of Service: Alycia McGeever
Distinguished Vice President of Administration: Derek Tran
Distinguished President
Overall Distinguished Club
Divisional Spirit & Excellence Awards
2015-2016 Board Members

President - Byron Barahona
Vice President of Administration (VPA) - Cristian Palomo
Vice President of Service (VPS) - Cailey Barnes
Secretary - Mark Ubongen
Treasurer - Audrey Nguyen
Bulletin Editor - Trisha Tran
Fundraising Chairs - Nicholas Chen and Diane Huynh
Kiwanis Family Relations (K-Fam) Chairs - Donald Kue and Maira Jamil
Membership Development and Recognition/Retention (MD&R) Chair - Conrad DeGuzman
Member Development & Education (MD&E) Chair - Rosendo Ortiz
Membership Programs (MP) Chairs - Krystal Lam and Nancy Nguyen
Public Relations (PR) Chairs - Derek Tran and Vanessa Maldonado
Scraptorian - Tiffany Huynh
Single Service Chairs - Alycia McGeever and Tiffany Duong
Spirit/Social Chairs - Jonathan Htike and Cyrille Bautista
Technology Chair - Bryce Tham

2015-2016 District Board Members

District Lieutenant Governor - Alex D. Nguyen

Divisional Service Chair - Alex Chang

District Appointed Board
Technology Chair - Baldwin Chang
District Member Development & Education (MD&E) Committee Chair - Angelina Chanthanouvong
On to International Convention Chair - Kyler Tagupa

District Convention Committee
Decorations - Emily Wong
Talent Show - Sienna Serrano

Fall Training Conference Committee
Campfire - Joseph Castro
AV - Brandon Khuu
Programs - Mark Ubongen

Kiwanis Family
Magic Kingdom Liaison - Kristian Balmes

District Awards Committee
Executive Assistant - Jennifer Tarm

Public Relations Committee
Kyle Dimla
Priscilla Lu

2015-2016 District Convention Awards
Distinguished President: Byron Barahona
Distinguished VP of Administration: Cristian Palomo
Distinguished VP of Service: Cailey Barnes
Distinguished Secretary: Mark Allen Ubongen
Distinguished Appointed Board: Nancy Pillow Nguyen, Bryce Tham, Derek Tran
1st Place Outstanding Website
1st Place Outstanding Non-Traditional Scrapbook
Distinguished MD&E
Distinguished Kiwanis Family
People's Choice Non-Traditional Scrapbook
All MRFs Submitted on Time
Overall Distinguished Club
2014-2015 Board Members

President - Angelina Chanthanouvong
Vice President of Administration (VPA) - Byron Barahona
Vice President of Service (VPS) - Nikki Sta. Teresa
Secretary - Jennifer Tarm
Treasurer - Katelynn Richmond
Bulletin Editor - Priscilla Lu
Fundraising Chairs - Audrey Nguyen and George Hernandez
Kiwanis Family Relations (K-Fam) Chairs - Kristian Balmes and Todd Nguyen
Membership Development and Recognition/Retention (MD&R) Chair - Kyler Tagupa
Member Development & Education (MD&E) Chair - Cailey Barnes
Membership Programs (MP) Chair - Jeffrey Fellows
Public Relations (PR) Chairs - Cristian Palomo and Emily Dang
Scraptorian - Emily Wong
Single Service Chairs - Samer Khan and Eryn Parks
Spirit/Social Chairs - Joseph Castro and Sienna Serrano
Technology Chair - Brandon Khuu

2014-2015 District Board Members

District Executive Board
District Governor - Byron Montilla

District Appointed Board
District Convention Chair - Jessica Nguyen
Technology Chair - Baldwin Chang

District Awards Committee
Magic Kingdom Liaison - Lisa Jung
Central Coast Liaison - Michelle Ha

District Convention Committee
Registration Chair - Lany Dao
Audio/Visual Chair - Brian Lai
Workshops Co-Chair - Byron Barahona

District Finance & Fundraising Committee
CKI South Chair - Michael Acasio

District Kiwanis Family Committee
Committee Member - Brian Lai

District Laws and Regulations Committee
Desert Oasis/Magic Kingdom/Paradise Liaison - Cailey Barnes

District Member Development & Education (MD&E) Committee
Desert Oasis Liaison - David Betton
Webinar Chair - Jeffery Fellows

District Public Relations Committee
Publications Assistant - Jennifer Le
Magic Kingdom/Desert Oasis/Paradise Liaison - Mark Allen Ubongen

2014-2015 District Convention Awards
Club's Choice Non-Traditional Scrapbook Award: Emily Wong
DCON Talent Show Award: Sienna Serrano
DCON Spirit Award: Joseph Castro, Sienna, and ALL OF UCICKI!!!
Diamond Division 3rd Place Growth & Membership (GEM) Award
Distinguished Kiwanis Family Award
Distinguished Membership Development & Education Award
Distinguished Club Improvement Award
Monthy Reports On-Time Award
1st Place Non-Traditional Scrapbook Award
2nd Place Traditional Scrapbook Award
1st Place Outstanding Website
3 Distinguished Appointed Board Awards (Jeff, Joe, Priscilla)
Distinguished Treasurer Award
Distinguished Secretary Award
Distinguished VPA Award
Distinguished VPS Award
Distinguished President Award
2013-2014 Board Members

President - Samuel Barke
Vice President of Administration (VPA) - Charmaine Deomampo
Vice President of Service (VPS) - Tuan Pham
Secretary - Kyle de la Cena
Treasurer - Jeffrey Fellows
Bulletin Editor - Jennifer Le and Timmy Luong
Fundraising Chairs - Lisa Jung and Michael Acasio
Kiwanis Family Relations (K-Fam) Chairs - Brian Lai and Katelynn Richmond
Member Development & Education (MD&E) Chair - Angelina Chanthanouvong and Michelle Ha
Member Recognition Program (MRP) Chair - Crystal Torres
Public Relations (PR) Chairs - Jermaine Esquivel and Byron Barahona
Scrapbook Chair - Jonathan Tam
Single Service Chairs - Todd Nguyen and Gurmeet Buxani
Spirit/Social Chairs - Janelle Agustin and Tony Nguyen
Technology Chair - Baldwin Chang

2013-2014 District Board Members

District Convention Committee
Executive Assistant - Jessica Nguyen
Audio Visual - Tuan Pham and Baldwin Chang
Workshops - Angelina Chanthanouvong

PR Committee
Committee Member - Adrian Francisco

Awards Committee
Magic Kingdom Liason - Annie Nguyen

Fall Training Conference
Campfire Skits - Lany Dao

Service Committee
Executive Assistant - Michelle Ha
Committee Member - Byron Montilla

2013-2014 District Convention Awards
Growth enhancement and membership 1st place for diamond division
Distinguished Kiwanis Family
Distinguished MD&E
Distinguished Club Improvement
MRF on time
1st place for newsletter
Outstanding Website honorable mention
Distinguished Treasurer
Distinguished Secretary
Distinguished Vice President of Service
Distinguished President
Distinguished Club
Distinguished Division
2nd place for DCON talent act
Outstanding General Member of the Year - Kyler Tagupa!
2012-2013 Board Members

President - Sarina Saldana
Vice President of Administration (VPA) - Mayra Escobar
Vice President of Service (VPS) - Amy Hoang
Secretary - Karen Truong
Treasurer - Elmore Villaruel
Bulletin Editor - Adrian Francisco
Fundraising Chairs - Connie Phan and Ryan Leung
Kiwanis Family Relations (K-Fam) Chairs - John Delshadi and Samia Chowdhury
Member Development & Education (MD&E) Chair - Liz Ly
Member Recognition Program (MRP) Chair - Tanya Luu
Public Relations (PR) Chairs - Charmaine Deomampo and Nathan Magtoto
Scrapbook Chair - Kevin Lam
Single Service Chairs - Michelle Ha and Samantha Ho
Spirit/Social Chairs - Lany Dao and Sam Barke
Technology Chair - Brian Chew

2012-2013 District Board Members

Magic Kingdom Lieutenant Governor - Stephanie Nguyen
2011-2012 Board Members

President - Johnathan Do
Vice President of Administration (VPA) - Olga Parvin
Vice President of Service (VPS) - Roland Moder
Secretary - Cynthia Huang
Treasurer - Goldie Tang
Bulletin Editor - Liz Ly
Fundraising Chair - Sarah Martin
Kiwanis Family Relations (K-Fam) Chairs - Carl Miya and Linda Thai
Member Development and Education (MD&E) Chair - Anthony Tran
Member Recognition Program (MRP) Chair - Mayra Escobar
Public Relations (PR) Chairs - Abhinav Mohan and Sarina Saldana
Scrapbook Chair - Amy Hoang
Single Service Chairs - Imran Ahmed and Kathy Dong
Spirit and Social Chairs - Andy Nguyen and Elmore Villaruel
Technology Chair - Karen Truong

2011-2012 District Board Members

Magic Kingdom Lieutenant Governor (LtG) - Michael Tung

District Awards Committee
Committee Member - Stephanie L. Nguyen

District Convention (DCON) Committee
Committee Chair - Gary Deng
Decorations Chair - Jessica Phan
Honors Reception Chair - Goldie Tang

District Finance and Fundraiser (Fi-FUN) Committee
Committee Member - Don Ta

District Kiwanis Family (K-Fam) Committee
Committee Member - Linda Thai

District Member Development and Education (MD&E) Committee
Committee Member - Stephanie Nguyen
Committee Member - Carl Miya

District Service Committee
Committee Member - Kathy Dong

Fall Training Conference (FTC) Committee
Committee Member - Michael Saechao
Committee Member - Brian Mangunsong

Public Relations Committee
Publications Editor/Co-Committee Chair: Virginia Mac

2011-2012 International Board Members

International Kiwanis Family (K-Fam) Committee
Committee Member - Michael Saechao

2011-2012 Campus Awards
-2nd Place Spring Spirit Week 2011

2011-2012 District Convention Awards
+Highest number of Attendance
+Convention Spirit Competition Award
+100% on time Monthly Reports Form
+Diamond Division G.E.M. Winner – 2nd
+Distinguished President
+Distinguished Vice Presidents (Administrations & Service)
+Distinguished Secretary
+Distinguished Appointed Officers
+Distinguished Club Improvement
+Distinguished Club
+Outstanding Club Website – 1st
+Distinguished Member Development and Education (MD&E)
+Distinguished Kiwanis Family
+Kiwanis Family Report Form Recognition
+Oratorical Contest Winner – 1st
+Outstanding Single Service – 3rd
+Outstanding Non-Traditional Scrapbook – 2nd
+Club’s Choice Non-Traditional Scrapbook – 1st

2011-2012 International Convention Awards
+Diamond Division GEM 4th place
+Outstanding Website 3rd Place
+Eliminate Project Award 3rd Place
+Distinguished LTG: Michael Tung
+Distinguished District Editor: Virginia Mac
2010-2011 Board Members

President - Roxana Carrillo
Vice President of Administration (VPA) - Jake Gavino
Vice President of Service (VPS) - Dweejal Torado
Secretary - Adeline Chien
Treasurer - Johnathan Do
Bulletin Chair - Virginia Mac
Fundraising Chairs - Lisa Chow and Olga Parvin
Kiwanis Family Relations (K-Fam) Chairs - Goldie Tang and Roland Moder
Member Development and Education (MD&E) Chair - Ronald Luu
Member Recognition Program (MRP) Chair - Dillon Gamboa
Public Relations (PR) Chairs - Brian Paulson and Gary Deng
Scrapbook Chair - Jade Samala
Single Service Chairs - Lisa Yee and Regina Dominguez
Spirit and Social Chairs - Alex Chu and Michael Tung
Technology Chair - Martin Chang

2010-2011 District Board Members

Magic Kingdom Lieutenant Governor (LtG) - Phillip Chow

District Convention (DCON) Committee
Committee Chair - Rafael Trias
Honors Reception Chair - Dillon Gamboa
Registration Chair - Gary Deng
Slideshow Chairs - Johnathan Do and Virginia Mac
Souvenirs Chair - Candice Lai

District Service Committee
Committee Chair - Natalie Platon
Committee Member - Dweejal Torado
Committee Member - Don Ta
Committee Member - Roland Moder

Fall Training Conference (FTC) Committee
Sergeant at Arms (SAA) - Ryan Lu

2010-2011 District Convention Awards

-Most in Attendance
-100% on time Monthly Reports
-Diamond Division G.E.M. Winner
-Distinguished President
-Distinguished Vice Presidents
-Distinguished Treasurer
-Distinguished Secretary
-Distinguished Kiwanis Family
-Distinguished Member Development and Education (MD&E)
-Distinguished Club
-Outstanding Newsletter - Honorable Mention
-Outstanding Website - First Place
-Talent Show - Second Place
-Oratorical Contest Winner - Second Place
-Mei Po Wong Award (Gold) - Third Place

2010-2011 Campus Awards
-Anteater Awards 2011 Outstanding Community Service Project
2009-2010 Board Members

President - Jimmy Hung
Vice President of Administration (VPA) - Crystal Luu
Vice President of Service (VPS) - Natalie Platon
Secretary - Zauhra Nazery
Treasurer - Jon Go
Bulletin Chair - Brenda Wong
Fundraising Chairs - Nidal Zmily and Yvonne Leong
Historian - Franics Manuel
Kiwanis Family Relations (K-Fam) Chair - Kim Nguyen and Phillip Chow
Member Development and Education (MD&E) Chair - Justin Howes
Member Recognition Program (MRP) Chair - Candice Lai
Public Relations (PR) Chairs - Parneet Ghuman and Stephanie Quan
Scrapbook Chair - Jake Gavino
Single Service Chair - Roxana Carrillo
Spirit and Social Chairs - Justin Concepcion and Stephen Bishtawi
Technology Chair - Eli Uc

2009-2010 District Board Member

Magic Kingdom Lieutenant Governor (LtG) - Richard Kong

2009-2010 District Convention Awards

- Most in attendance
- 100% on time Monthly Reports
- Diamond Division G.E.M. Winner
- Distinguished President
- Distinguished Vice Presidents
- Distinguished Treasurer
- Distinguished Secretary
- Distinguished Kiwanis Family
- Distinguished Member Development and Education (MD&E)
- Outstanding Newsletter – Second Place
- Outstanding Interclubbing – Second Place
- Outstanding Website – Honorable Mention
- Talent Show – First Place

2009-2010 Campus Awards
-Anteater Awards 2010 Best Website
2008-2009 Board Members

President - Sarah Bana
Vice President of Administration (VPA) - Yun-Ching Huang
Vice President of Service (VPS) - Rebecca Mesch
Secretary - Candice Lai
Treasurer - Laura Tang
Bulletin Chair - Annalyse Bailey
Fundraising Chairs - Jimmy Hung and Mia Cromarty
Kiwanis Family Relations (K-Fam) Chair - John Ota
Member Development and Education (MD&E) Chairs - Jaime Ta and Jon Go
Public Relations (PR) Chair - Connie Ho
Scrapbook Chair - Crystal Luu
Single Service Chair - Natalie Platon
Spirit Chair - Albert Kazi
Social Chair - John Fenlon
Technology Chair - Jacqueline Li

2008-2009 Campus Awards
- Anteater Awards 2009 Outstanding Service Student Organization President
2007-2008 Board Members

President - Kenny Hufford
Vice President of Administration (VPA) - Vinny Rico
Vice President of Service (VPS) - Angie-ah Tseng
Secretary - Sarah Bana
Treasurer - Connie Ho
Bulletin Chair - Yun-Ching Huang
Fundraising Chairs - Alex Tang and Laura Tang
Kiwanis Family Relations (K-Fam) Chair - Richard Kong
Member Development and Education (MD&E)Chair - Hazel Koons
Member Recognition Program (MRP) Chair - Eric Ly
Public Relations (PR) Chair - Christine Luong
Scrapbook Chair - Conan Thai
Single Service Chair - Doris Su
Spirit and Social Chairs - Long Nguyen and Norman Chen
Technology Chair - Francis Manuel

2006-2007 Board Members

President - Robert Chirk
VP Admin - Andy Chung
VP Service - Ivy Trac
Secretary - Eugenia Wong
Treasurer - Conan Thai
Single Service Chair - Kathleen Villondo
Scrapbook Chair - Angela Tseng
Spirit Chairs - Andrew Lee and Christopher Felix
Fundraising Chair - Kenny Hufford and Alison Coffie
K Family Chair - Robert Huang
Technology Chair - Khang Huynh
MD&E Chair - Andrew Schwartz
Bulletin Editor - Amy Tran
MRP Chair - Christy Giang
Social Chair - Nancy Gu
Public Relations Chair - Nancy Yeang

2005-2006 Board Members

President - Peter Yu
VP Admin - Yang Lee
VP Service - Hannah Sung
Secretary - Wendy Zendejas
Treasurer - Amy Tran
Single Service Chair - Robert Chirk
Scrapbook Chair - Angela Tseng
Spirit Chairs - Andy Chung and Ivy Trac
Fundraising Chair - Andrew Schwartz and Andy Ching
K Family Chair - Areum Kim
Technology Chair - Andrew Lee
MD&E Chair - Alan Morton
Bulletin Editor - Jonathan Betonio
MRP Chair - Jane Lee
Social Chair - Laura Bui
Public Relations Chair - Nancy Gu
Historian - Serena Leung

2005-2006 District Board Member
District Governor - Patrick Ballecer

2004-2005 Board Members

President - Megan Matthias
VP Admin - Peter Yu
VP Service - Ivy Trac
Secretary - Stephanie Wong
Treasurer - Jonathan Betonio
Single Service Chair - Jamie Dow
Scrapbook Chair - Larry Quach
Spirit Chair - Larry Quach
Fundraising Chair - Angela Tseng
K Family Chair - Joon Park
Technology Chair - Michelle Le
MD&E/PR Chair - Ferdinand Buenaventura
Bulletin Editor - Laura Bui
MRP Chair - Mylynn Nguyen
Social Chair - Eric Yu
Historian - Fiona Chan

2003-2004 Board Members

President - Patrick Ballecer
VP Admin -
VP Service - Megan Matthias
Secretary - Stephanie Wong
Treasurer - Levina Tran
Single Service Chair -
Scrapbook Chair - Larry Quach
Spirit Chairs -
Fundraising Chair -
K Family Chair - Darrell Cheam
Technology Chair -Kim Nguyen
MD&E Chair - Diego Valencia Bulletin Editor: -
MRP Chair -
Social Chair - Lawrence Nguyen
ARK FUNday Chair - Alfredo Trinidad

2002-2003 Board Members

President - Patrick Ballecer

2001-2002 Board Members

President - Rashmi Umdekar

1992-1993 Campus Awards
- Anteater Awards 1993 Outstanding Service Organization

1991-1992 Campus Awards
- Anteater Awards 1992 Outstanding Service Organization

1990-1991 District Board Member
District Governor - Michael Fermin

1985-1986 District Board Member
District Governor - Tim Baynham