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What is Fellowship?

If there is one thing that Circle K knows best, it's fellowship. Members get the chance to build connections and develop life-long relationships with fellow collegians, advisors, Kiwanians, and citizens in their communities. UCI Circle K has a family system implemented where members are grouped up with their "brothers" and "sisters." The bigs of each family plan social events throughout the year for their littles, and these small interactions turn into long-lasting friendships. There is also a mentor-mentee program where new Circle K members are paired with older Circle K members. This allows newer members to learn more about what Circle K has to offer them while bonding with their mentors.

Family Day

Mason Park / Corona Del Mar | Club Event

Family Day is a day where every single UCI Circle K family gets together and hang out, eat food, and have fun. Come bond with your current family and make friends from members of other families! Family Day takes place once every quarter, and is planned by the Family Heads in an effort to bring together all UCI Circle K members into one, big family in and of itself.


"Family day is a joyous day of being with our families and our Circle K family. This day is filled with positive energy, radiant love, and a whole lot of fun. Family Day is a special day of powerful bonding, humorous activities, and creating a 'home' feeling within our families and UCI Circle K." - Alan Nguyen

"As a new member, Family Day was the first big Circle K event I went to. I bonded with my family and I met other cool people from different families too. Winning the sponge battle for my family was a plus!" - Chelsea Kim

Green Thrones

Courtyard Study Lounge | Club Event

Stressing out on finals week? Need a nice place to study while enjoying the company of your Circle K friends? Do you hate studying in loud places? Come hang out at Green Thrones!


"Green Thrones was where I got to know my best friends!" - Alicia Sieu

General Member Retreat

Club Event

General Member retreat is a retreat dedicated to thank all of the general members for their efforts through service, leadership and fellowship for the Circle K term. This year, the venue was in a beach house located in Oxnard, CA. This event was packed with many activities such as shopping, beach sports, and late night board games.


"I was actually invited to this at my first Circle K social ever! Despite not even starting my first quarter at UCI, I took a chance and signed up to drive. First of all, that drive was AMAZING. The people in my car ended up being some of the most significant people in my life. At the retreat itselfeI met even more people, including people from both the appointed and executive board. The whole experience was honestly life changing. I know that's said alot about things like this but as my first Circle K retreat, I got to build friendships and relationships with people that helped me get integrated not only into Circle K but College in general. Whether it be through board games, early morning breakfasts, trips to the local mall, or photoshoots on the beach for profile pics, this retreat offered so many opportunities for me to get to know members of the club as more than just members; I got to know them as friends." - Jefferson Perez


Big Bear Lake | Club Event

Do you want to build a snowman? Take a break from school and go on a weekend adventure! Snocial is a 3-day-long weekend event that takes place every winter in Big Bear. Join your fellow Circle K members and have fun in the snow! Enjoy snowball fights, snow tubing, snowman making, and hanging out in a huge cabin! Food and transportation are included. Bond with Circle K members from every family, make new friends, and participate in leadership exercises to help you grow as a person!


"I enjoyed Snocial very much! I met a lot of people I consider great friends of mine so I'm glad I made the last minute decision to go. " - Cyrille Bautista

"This was probably the event in which I met most of the Circle K people I know now. There were lots to do and it was just fun cramming into a cabin with so many people. 11/10 would go again, definitely the best event I can remember!" - Kevin Yu


UCI | Club Event

Greetings, Diver. Your target... the purple team. Weapon of choice? Plastic spoon. Be vigilant. The target might be under the protection of a slice of bread. Stay aware Trust no one.

Assassins is a fun, interactive game where you get to "kill" off other members of opposing teams! Every week there will be an assigned "Attack item" to be used for killing your targets for that week.


"Playing assassins was pretty fun, it was my first time so it was a great experience even though I died within the first hour. Even though we had to carry really silly items, I still thought assassins was a great event!" - William Le

Downtown Disney Scavenger Hunt

Downtown Disney | Club Event

Come meet a bunch of old and new Circle K'ers in the land of Downtown Disney! You'll form a team with the new friends you made to complete the tasks. Your team will slither through Downtown Disney completing various challenges such as solving riddles, singing "A Whole New World", or even twerking in the middle of the road!


"This happened during a time when I was new to the club and didn't know anyone yet so it was a great opportunity to meet new people!" - Quang Le

Key to College

UCI | Club Event

Key to College is a fun day where members from our club host a variety of activities and workshops to help prepare high school students for all things college related. We cover things including the application process, personal management, campus life, and even cultural diversity! This is a great opportunity to meet new people and learn some of the many things we have learned since coming to college.


"It was great! I talked to a lot of people and bonded with my fellow Circle-Kers." - Karen Tsai