About Family Heads

Family Heads provide for their family, organize family socials, and serve as role models and mentors to their littles. They are also an integral part of planning inter-family socials for members to meet other members from different families. Family Heads are an essential part of the family system and work to promote and model service, fellowship, and leadership within the UCI Circle K family system. Click on each family head to see his or her Circle K profile page!

Alex Landavazo
Train Family Head
Phone: n/a
Email: alandava@uci.edu

Andy Lo
Kazoo Family Head
Phone: (626) 390-5860
Email: avlo@uci.edu

Arleene Chao
Train Family Head
Phone: (714) 600-8218
Email: arleenec@uci.edu

Brittany Smallwood
Camera Family Head
Phone: (818) 523-2810
Email: blsmallw@uci.edu

Emybeth Pascual
Compass Family Head
Phone: (209) 915-1966
Email: etpascua@uci.edu

Jayleen To
Telescope Family Head
Phone: (626) 348-7089
Email: jdto@uci.edu

Joseph Basilio
Telescope Family Head
Phone: (951) 265-6302
Email: basilioj@uci.edu

Julia Hoang
Boombox Family Head
Phone: (323) 336-0537
Email: jphoang.cki@gmail.com

Karen Tsai
Rocket Family Head
Phone: (916) 298-1960
Email: tsaikc@uci.edu

Kimberly Ngo
Airplane Family Head
Phone: (310) 254-8866
Email: kpngo1@uci.edu

Lianne Larkin
Solar Family Head
Phone: (714) 292-2353
Email: ltlarkin@uci.edu

Matthew Avelino
Compass Family Head
Phone: (707) 334-0245
Email: mavelino@uci.edu

Matthew Ng
Boombox Family Head
Phone: (818) 572-5158
Email: matthewng96@gmail.com

Quang Le
Coin Family Head
Phone: (909) 910-5458
Email: quangtl@uci.edu

Sarina Vang
Bucket Family Head
Phone: (209) 259-8115
Email: sxvang@uci.edu

Sayra Valdezgutierrez
Rocket Family Head
Phone: n/a
Email: svaldezg@uci.edu

Shannon Chan
Wheel Family Head
Phone: n/a
Email: shannoac@uci.edu

Sonia Patino
Sliced Bread Family Head
Phone: (661) 557-8202
Email: patinos@uci.edu

Vanesa Palomera
Kazoo Family Head
Phone: (408) 391-5327
Email: vpalom95@gmail.com

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