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About Families

The UCI Circle K family system provides general members an opportunity to develop a more personal connection with other members of the club. Each family consists of three bigs and a number of littles, and it is the goal of UCI Circle K to cultivate and foster the growth of each family to become better leaders in the community. Click on each family emblem to learn more about each family!

Derek Tran
Yessenia Loza
Arthur Tham

Clown Fish
Eric Vu
Helen On
Tammy Liang

Kevin Carizon
Joshua Montefalcon
Jigzen Carrasco

Manta Ray
Anthony Guzman
Diane Huynh
Jalona Ho

Joyce Wang
Russell Okamura
Alan Nguyen

Sea Otters
Angelika Buczynski
Katie Marie Kiggins

Sea Turtle
Roy Golingan
Dustin Chang
Ami Patel

Debbie Vang
Gene Gonzalez
Carolyne Villaescusa

Joseph Basilio
Susy Vargas
Alvin Tan

Nico Beltran
Colleen Eng
Cristian Palomo

Sean Reyes
Sabrina Fang
Jenny Liao

Alycia Mcgeever
Brandon Ma
Ernestine Hong

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