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About Club Committees

As one of the largest clubs on campus, it is difficult to get everything done alone. That is why we have committee meetings to give our members a chance to directly get involved with our club! Each committee specializes in one particular aspect of our club, and once in a while we'll even hold workshops to help you guys develop your personal skills! Here is a look at some of our club committees. Check out our calendar for times!

Change Thru Games Committee

Heads: Kyler Tagupa

"The Change Thru Games committee works every year to bring a 24-hour, live video game marathon! Taking place in the fall, members can attend or tune in as we play video games, perform dares, and raise funds! This year, all proceeds will be benefiting the Kiwanis Family House in Sacramento. For more information, updates, and links to past CTGs, like our Facebook fan page!"

Fundraising Committee

Heads: Alvin Tan and Joyce Wang

"Come to Fundraising Committee and learn more about fundraising at UCI CKI and the role you can play in making our fundraisers a huge success! Bring any ideas you may have for large-scale fundraisers as well as more ongoing smaller-scale fundraisers for the club. We are also looking for members to help with brainstorming cool ideas and completing hands-on projects when Variety Show and Mr. CKI roll around! Lastly, this is also an opportunity to get to know our fundraising chairs Alvin and Joyce more! "

K-Fam Committee

Heads: Russell Okamura

"The K-fam committee is about discussing future events that members would like to participate in with our local Kiwanis family. Also, it is to discuss and provide more information for members that would like to volunteer in service events involving the Kiwanians or our club in general. "

MAWAY Committee

Heads: Joshua Montefalcon, Colleen Eng, and Arthur Tham

"Come to our monthly Media and Website and Yearbook joint committee, where we discuss overlapping topics between the Media Committee, the TIP, and the Yearbook Committee!"

Media Committee

Heads: Joshua Montefalcon

"The media task force is a committee designed to create a variety of media outlets (videos, graphic designs, pictures) that promote and highlight our club's events."

Membership Development Committee

Heads: Debbie Vang and Ami Patel

"The Membership Development Committee is and open ended discussion which includes the following topics: Mentor/Mentee Program, Recognition, Workshops and Club Improvement. However, we may discuss other matters concerning member recruitment, retention, and development. The goal of the committee is to enhance member's experience and to provide them opportunities to grow as well as collect feedback on their interactions in the club in order to improve future events."

Mr. CKI Committee

Heads: Alvin Tan and Joyce Wang

"The Mr. CKI committee consists of subcommittees that focus on different things such as decorations, entertainment, raffles/fundraising and publicity. But all together, the committee comes up with a theme and works together to bring the theme to life."

President's Committee

Heads: Cristian Palomo

"Come out to the President's Committee meeting to help develop and grow the club on a larger scale! Share your suggestions for improvements, ideas for new events and programs, and any feedback you have."

Public Relations Committee

Heads: Anthony Guzman and Angelika Buczynski

"Come out to help us plan amazing tabling events so that we can spread all the service, leadership, fellowship, and spirit that we have in Circle K to students on our campus! UCI Circle K is the biggest Circle K club internationally and we want to share our opportunities to perspective Circle K members. We will be tabling almost every week, so we would love to hear your ideas for reaching out to other people. Let us know what you would like to see at our table or what you already like about it. During our meetings we will do things such as making flyers, posters, decorations for our booth, and things to hand out during testing weeks. Also, we have a goal this year to create stronger relationships with other Circle Ks. We would like to hear any suggestions on things we can do, and plan trips to other colleges! We hope to see all of you at our meetings throughout the year!"

Single Service Committee

Heads: Gene Gonzalez and Jigzen Carrasco

"Single Service Committee will focus on coming up with ideas for future Single Service Events geared towards the District Service Initiative (DSI). As well as helping prepare for larger scale events and fundraising."

Spirit Social Committee

Heads: Sabrina Fang and Roy Golingan

"Come together to help plan socials, promote spirit and bring the club together. We'll be working on our next big social for the quarter as well as how we can better promote spirit in the club. We want you to share your ideas and grow as a leader along the way."

The League

Heads: Diane Huynh

"The League plans a four hour dance festival where all the money raised goes directly towards the Thomas House Family Shelter! This event is called Dance for a Chance. We typically have a DJ, games, raffles, activities, and food. This past year the theme was galaxy themed and we had activities such as cosmic bowling"

Yearbook Committee

Heads: Colleen Eng

"We come together to create a yearbook for the club. The committee is assigned certain tasks. For example we have layout editors that design pages for the yearbook but to create a layout, there is a need for photographers who would provide photos for the yearbook."

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