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Softball, Soccer Headlines Summer 2019 IM Interest Form, Releases Today

June 4, 2019 Authored by: Arthur Tham
Irvine, CA - UCI Circle K has released its 2019 Summer IM interest form.

Its new generation of IM captains will captain the following IM sports: 

🏀5v5 Open Call-your-own Basketball, MON 6:30/7:30p, Captain TBA
⚽️6v6 Open Arena Soccer, WED 5-9p, Captain Noah Shen
🥎9v9 Open Pitch-to-yourself Softball, TUES 5:30-8:30p, Captain TBA

The season will start in early-July and end in mid-August. Players need to purchase an IM pass starting at $10 to participate. They must also be returning Fall 2019 UCI students, staff, or faculty to be eligible.

Players can sign up to be a captain and/or player in the form here:

District Convention 2019 Recap

March 25, 2019 Authored by: Ami Patel
Before I hibernate for many hours, all 79 of us are finally back from District Convention and damn, what a weekend. We, as a club and the District Convention Committee worked tirelessly for this magical weekend where our members shined and made memorable experiences both within our club and with our friends throughout CNH. Our members repped UCI in our true annoying and obnoxious selves and showed the district what our club is all about!

Special shoutout to our very own, Chris Tran for serving as Sergeant-At-Arms Chair on DCON Committee! He trained and oversaw all the SAAs that helped give order to this wild weekend. We appreciate all the work you put in to ensure that DCON ran as smoothly as possibly! We are proud of you, say we are proud of you!

Another shoutout to our Spirit/Social Chairs, Andrew Yu & Lianne Larkin for producing an amazing, stellar Talent Act that we will forever remember! From the long nights of planning preparation to finally giving it our all on the stage Saturday Night, it was your vision, guidance, and motivation that lit a fire in everyone's heart to be as spirited and perform to the best of our abilities this past weekend, so thank you!

Most importantly, thank you to all the DCON Attendees! From participating in the Talent Act, serving as an SAA, to simply cheering your hearts loudly throughout all 3 days, YOU are the reason why UC Irvine echoed throughout the convention (**we made up >10% of the entire convention) and I truly appreciate every single one of you for making DCON even more memorable.Finally, the most anticipated AWARDS. As all my predecessors have said before, awards do not determine nor a measure of our true success. Awards can mark milestones but never come close to the value of our experiences we created and shared with each other because that is what makes our club so amazing! Without further ado, please congratulate the following for their achievements:

- 100% MRF On-Time [Winnie Lam]
- 2nd Place Outstanding Non-Traditional Scrapbook [Kimberly Bui]
- 3rd Place for Most Funds Raised for Independent Charities [Arleene ChaoDarin NgoEmybeth Tadena Pascual]
- 1st Place for Most Funds Raised for Feeding America [Akina Ishimoto & Nancy Huynh Nguyen]
- Distinguished Appointed Board [Andrew Yu]
- Distinguished Appointed Board [Chad Ruaburo]
- Distinguished Appointed Board [Chris Tran]
- Distinguished Appointed Board [Lianne Larkin]
- Distinguished Appointed Board [Naomi Gingras]
- 3rd Place Outstanding Single Service [Chad Ruaburo & Naomi Gingras]
- John Woodall Distinguished Membership Development & Education [Sarina Vang & Le An Pham]
- Don Hull Distinguished Kiwanis Family Relations [Cody Phan & Don Nguyen]
- Distinguished Secretary [Winnie Lam]
- Distinguished Vice President of Service [Alicia Sieu]
- Distinguished Vice President of Administration [Kimberly Cao]
- Distinguished President [Ami Patel]
- 2nd Place Mei Po Wong Overall Service (Platinum Division) [Alicia SieuChad RuaburoNaomi Gingras]
- Camille Goulet Distinguished Club
- 1st Place Outstanding Total Achievement (Platinum Division)
- Distinguished Kiwanis Club [Kiwanis of Corona Del Mar/Newport Beach]
- Divisional Spirit Award 
- Distinguished Divisional Excellence

Once again, congrats to everyone for being recognized for your hard work and dedication this term! DCON signifies the end of term, but also marks the beginning of a new. As we begin retiring from our respective Circle K responsibilities, we make room for new leaders to emerge that will take our club to even greater heights. UC Irvine Circle K you are one of a kind and will continue to shine bright as we move forward.

With love from your mammal, 
Ami Patel
2018-2019 UC Irvine Circle K President

Sign up for Spring IM Sports Today

March 9, 2019 Authored by: Arthur Tham

Hi Explorers:

The UCICKI Spring 2019 IM Sports Interest Form has been released! Sign up and play sports like League of Legends, Basketball, Volleyball, and others with your Circle K friends in the Spring quarter!

Form link and details:

If you're on the edge of playing a sport, please don't hesitate to sign up first and decide later! You will always get a chance to try out a sport before you decide to commit to a team.

Spring Sports:
🏀5v5 CoRec Basketball
SUN, MON, or TUE after 7p
Arthur Tham, Don Nguyen, Fortune Mamaril

⚽️6v6 CoRec Indoor Futsal
SUN 6-9p or TUE 6-9p
Noah Shen

🏐6v6 CoRec Reverse Volleyball
WED or THU 7:30-10:30p
Vanvy Pham, Ryan Kha, Noah Shen

🥎10v10 CoRec Softball
SUN, MON, or TUE 7:30-9:30p
Anthony Guzman, Motana Phoupraseut, Arthur Tham

🏈4v4 Open Flag Football
THU 7:30-9:30p
Darin Ngo

🎮6v6 CoRec League of Legends

Play UCICKI Remix Today

February 20, 2019 Authored by: Arthur Tham

"UCICKI Remix" releases on February 20th, 2019! What a great day to show some love for a game I've been working on since early October. Check out the release updates about how to play the game on the website, and perhaps you may find some easter eggs and surprises along the way.

"UCICKI Remix" is the ultimate game developed for UCI Circle K, featuring all of the games currently on the UCI Circle K website. Master the 18 mini-games to build your skillset and dominate the world of UCI Circle K gaming.

I would like to thank everyone in the About section in this game (it's tremendously huge) for their contributions to their game. A special offline version of the game may appear in your inboxes in the near future. In particular, please also join me in extending thanks to technology chair Serjohn Pascual for his flexibility and support of this project!

I cannot say if this game will be supported with content updates after its release. After all, back in the day, "Millionaire: UCICKI Edition" and "Induction Night" had their share of big content updates as the quarter progressed. But rest be assured that the base game is full of content and completed to Serjohn's and my satisfaction; and perhaps if you apply for Appointed Board, it may inspire you to create a fun game for all of us in the next term.

Happy gaming!

2019-2020 Executive Board Election Results

February 7, 2019 Authored by: Ami Patel
Thank you to all the candidates who took the time and mustered their courage to share their passion and vision for the club. It's because of all of you are club thrives and I cannot wait to see our new Executive Board take UC Irvine Circle K to even greater heights. Without further ado, presenting your 2019 -2020 Executive Board Elects!

President: Reginald Sellote
Vice President of Administration: Chad Ruaburo
Vice President of Service: Danny Del Cid
Secretary: Andrew Yu
Treasurer: Joyce Wu

Congratulations to our new E-Board Elect!

Much love and appreciation,