Administrative Changes

August 17, 2017 Authored by: Kyler Tagupa

It is with a heavy heart that I announce a change in our club administration. Our Membership Programs Chair has opted to drop from her position from Appointed Board. This decision was decided by her and her alone, but we as a board and family heads wish her nothing but the best in all of her future endeavors. After careful deliberation, we as an E-Board have elected to not replace her as an MP Chair. For administrative purposes, I as a President and co-MP chair will work with the Family Heads in helping oversee the Family System. We as a collective whole are still committed to providing you with the best family experience, and all hands are on deck with working to improve and build the Family System. If you have any concerns or questions whatsoever, or want to express and ideas or thoughts, please talk to myself or any other Family Head or Board Member, or complete a suggestion anonymously in the Suggestion Box. We are here to serve you and hope that you will work with all of us in creating a sense of family within UC Irvine Circle K.

With Love, Service, and Leadership,
Kyler Tagupa

Introducing the Summer TIP 2017!

July 17, 2017 Authored by: Winnie Lam
Written by: Alicia Sieu and Winnie Lam

Hello Inventors! 

It’s summertime and that means a new set of TIP members! TIP stands for “Technology Internship Program” and the members in this committee get the chance to learn basic coding while maintaining the club’s website! This summer, the TIP is working on a huge project to transition the website from it’s old theme, Under The Sea, to the club’s new theme, Inventions!

Now, introducing the members of the Summer TIP! 

Andrew Yu
2nd Year
Major: Data Science
Lark or Owl: Owl  
“Hi, Andrew here. Thanks for continuously supporting the TIP everyone! I can assure you all that the Summer RamenTIP will do their best to fully transition the website to match our theme of inventions. Look forward to the new and updated designs and changes.”

Alicia Lin
3rd Year
Major: Business Economics 
Lark or Owl: Owl
“Yo, cheesecake?”

Alicia Sieu
2nd Year
Major: Pharmaceutical Sciences
Lark or Owl: Owl
“Hello! I’m Alicia Sieu also one of your Single Service Chairs for this term. I love to read and watch Netflix. I am v excited to work with this summer’s #RamenTIP. And lastly shout out to my sea squad and compass cobigs ily.”

Anthony Choy
3rd Year
Major: Computer Science
Lark or Owl: Owl
“I usually go by my last name Choy and a hobby I’ve recently picked up is gymming.”

Janine Carpena
3rd Year
Major: Computer Game Science
Lark or Owl: Owl
“Hi, I'm Janine! I like romcoms, love songs, and long walks on the beach. I'm 5'2" and have a GPA of--WAIT. This isn't Christian Mingle? How do you backspace?”

Jenny Li
2nd Year
Major: Public Health Sciences
Lark or Owl: Owl
“Hi! I'm Jenny! This is my first time on TIP and I hope I can help make our new website great and easy to use!”

Karen Tsai
2nd Year
Major: Undeclared/Undecided
Lark or Owl: Both, depends on the day
“Back for the 3rd time! Please send any suggestions to the TIP about anything you think that can be improved on ty!!”

Naomi Gingras
4th Year
Major: PSB & Social Ecology
Lark or Owl: Owl
“Gonna learn new stuff and things.”

Nishat Jahan
2nd Year
Lark or Owl: Both, thus I get no sleep
“Hi I'm Nishat and I'm excited to work on the website and make it all new and shiny with my fellow noodles! #raindropcoop”

Tom Yu
3rd Year
Major: Aerospace Engineering
Lark or Owl: Owl
“Tom here. I'm very excited to be part of the #ramenTIP this summer. I'll be working hard with the Tech Chair (hehe that's my mentee!) and the rest of the committee to improve your website experience. Have a great summer!”

Winnie Lam
2nd Year
Major: Biological Sciences
Lark or Owl: Owl
“Hello hello! I guess I do a lot? Catch me on the website, at a service project, and at DCON 2018! ;)”

Honorary Member: Joseph Basilio 
4th Year
Major: Computer Science
Lark or Owl: Lark
“Hi helloooo~~ My name is Joseph and I'm a fourth year Computer Science Major. I like foods you hold with your hands, board games, and views! Come say hi!"

The Spring Issue is Out!

June 12, 2017 Authored by: Andrew Yu
The spring issue of the Newsletter is now out! Check it out under the media tab on the navigation bar. Our News Editor Chairs, Yvon Tran and My Lynn Huynh have worked tremendous hours on it. 


Read the newsletter! Don't cause an Error 404.

The Yearbook is Out!

June 11, 2017 Authored by: Andrew Yu
The yearbook for the 2016-2017 term has been officially released, which is available on the website under the media tab on the navigation bar. Check it out! Our 2016-2017 Yearbook Chair, Colleen Eng, and her yearbook team spent tremendous hours making and completing the yearbook.

Link to the Yearbook Page:

Read the Yearbook! Don't cause a #ColleenCrisis!

Apply to be a Mentor for Winter Quarter

June 10, 2017 Authored by: Andrew Yu
Mentor applications for winter quarter are here! Start an intimate relationship with another member of Circle K as your mentee. Through the mentor/mentee program, we hope that both you, the mentors, and your mentee(s) will be able to form long-lasting relationships and help each other in learning about the club and develop as leaders.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact our MD&R chair, Jessica Garcia, or our MD&E chair, Helen On.

Applications are due July 21, 2017!


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