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Our spring general meetings will be on Wednesdays at 8:00pm in TBA.

Administrative Changes

August 20, 2018 Authored by: Ami Patel
Hello everyone!

I have some important news regarding a change in our club administration. I am sad to announce that our Spirit/Social Chair, Vardell Singleton has resigned from his position on Appointed Board. This decision was made by him alone and on behalf of the 2018-2019 Board, we wish him the best of luck in his future pursuits. After careful deliberation, the Executive Board decided to not appoint a new Spirit Social Chair at the present moment. In matters regarding Scuba Diver family, Ben and Sarina will be the two sole bigs at the current moment and are committed to fostering a place for their littles to grow and have a good time. Nevertheless, the Executive Board will continue to evaluate the present circumstances within the next few days. Lianne and the entire Board as a whole are still 100% passionate about delivering a year full of amazing spirit and socials so be sure to keep a look out for those. If you have any thoughts, comments, or concerns, feel free to reach to me, any Board Member, or make an anonymous suggestion to the Suggestion Box. At the end of the day, we are here to serve you and provide the best possible experience you can have in Circle K!

❤️ Ami

2018 Spring Quarter Committee Applications

April 13, 2018 Authored by: Ami Patel
Hello Inventors!

It's YOUR chance to be a leader, leader, LEADER! I encourage you all to take a step forward in helping our club grow. Committees are a huge part of our club, without them we would not be able to put out some of our best events. This is your opportunity to get more involved with the club and learn more about how we plan events! Below is a list of the committees you can apply for:

-Kiwanis Family
-Membership Development
-President's Committee
-Public Relations
-Technology Internship Program (TIP)
-Treasurer's Chest

Every committee listed has its own flavor and offers a different experience for you to learn and grow! You do not need prior experience to be part of these committees, so apply to as many committees as you desire! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to message me or any of the board members! 

With Service, Leadership, and Fellowship,
Ami Patel

The End and the Beginning

April 1, 2018 Authored by: Kyler Tagupa
Hello everyone! And goodbye! Not like a "I'm leaving" goodbye, but more like "Thank you" goodbye. Today marks the end of the 2017-2018 term and the beginning of the 2018-2019 term, so I will no longer serve you as your president. On behalf of all of the Board Members and Family Heads, thank you! We came into this term with big goals, ambitions, and ideas. It is through all of our hard work as a club that we were able to see many of these ideas come to life and accomplish everything that we did. As members, you all SPARKed a bright passion within us and each other that pushes us to do bigger, brighter things. It is together that we work to create, innovate, and reinvent everything here in Circle K.
As a president, I am extremely proud of everything that you have done. You have pushed me to be a better leader, and have given me new hope for the future of the club. The road throughout the term has not been easy, but it has been worthwhile every step of the way. Sure, I'm happy of all of the things we accomplished. All the hours we served and all the money we raised has been record breaking. And all of these things have been a big part of my presidency. But the best part about leading this club has been getting to meet all of you. I wish I could have gotten to know all of you more than I did, but I still am able to see you all serve your communities, become better leaders, and make new friends among your families and the rest of the club. So in short, thank you. For everything. I didn't think that I would be so appreciative and thankful for CKI when I first joined. I didn't think I would ever serve as your president way back when. And I certainly never thought that I would be as happy as I am being part of Circle K. But that's why I love this club and this organization. You all have affected my life in ways I don't think any other organization can do. But thank you for everything that you all given me. Thank you for having faith in me, the Board Members, and the Family Heads. And thank you for making my last (?) year in Circle K one to remember. Please know that although I am retiring, I will always be here for you. It's been an honor serving you. With Love, Service, and Leadership,
Kyler Tagupa
Immediate Past President of UC Irvine Circle K

Hello, from District Convetion 2018!

March 25, 2018 Authored by: Kyler Tagupa
Oops I fell asleep.

Any who, all 82 of us (thats like 1/9 of the entire convention!)are back fro an AMAZING weekend at District Convention! Months of hard work from both our club and the District Convention committee have let up to this weekend in a culmination of service, leadership, and fellowship. Our members represented our club well, making new friends from all over CNH and showing everyone just what UCICKI is all about!

A special congratulations to our very own Winnie Lam, who served as the Decorations and Souvenirs Chair for the DCON Committee! She worked hard this past weekend not only ensuring that DCON looked good, but ran smoothly! We are proud of you!

Secondly, thanks to all of the attendees for their work at DCON! Whether it was participating in the Talent Act, going to workshops, SAAing, or just hanging out with the other UCI attendees, I really appreciate everything that you did over the weekend!

Finally, we have some awards announcements for the weekend! Copy and paste from years past, awards are not the namesake of a successful club. No one person can look at our club from the outside in and objectively make a statement about how amazing our club is. (I mean, if growing to 420 members, 11600 service hours, and countless memories was easy, why doesn't every club do it?) But regardless, join me in congratulating the following individuals for their achievements:

- 1st Place Outstanding Newsletter: Yvon Tran and My Lynn Huynh
- 2nd Place Outstanding Non-Traditional Scrapbook: Theresa Doan
- 2nd Place Outstanding Website: Andrew Yu
- 100% MRF Submission
- Growth Enhancement Membership Award
- Distinguished Club Improvement
- 3rd Place Overall Service Totals: Winnie Lam
- 1st Place Overall Service Totals: Kyler Tagupa
- Distinguished Appointed Board: Carolyne Villaescusa
- Distinguished Appointed Board: Kimberly Cao
- Distinguished Appointed Board: Yvon Tran
- Distinguished Treasurer: Darin Ngo
- Distinguished Secretary: Marvin Bolainez
- Distinguished Vice President of Service: Reginald Sellote
- Distinguished President: Kyler Tagupa
- 2nd Place for funds raised for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
- 1st Place Talent Act
- Divisional Excellence Award
- Divisional Spirit Award

Again, congratulations to everyone who was recognized for their work during the term! DCON is a time for us as a club to reflect over the past term, and set our eyes towards the future. While many of us are retiring from Board, Family Head, or other responsibilities within Circle K, we look towards our next journey. And as a new term dawns on this club, you all as leaders are bearing a torch to help the future of UCI Circle K burn brighter than ever.

With Love, Service, and Leadership,
Kyler Tagupa
2017-2018 UC Irvine Circle K President

UCICKI Receives 79 Sign-ups for IMs, Season Starts April 15th

March 17, 2018 Authored by: Arthur Tham
Irvine, CA - UCI Circle K has received 79 UCI Intramural Sports signups from its members.

These players join Circle K teams for basketball, volleyball, softball, and smennis as they set their sights on the coveted UCI Intramural Championship shirt. The regular season starts on April 15th.

Captains Jerald Marquez and Arthur Tham turn their backs against each other as they attempt to beat each other to the basket. CKI Gets BuCKIts and the Turtle Trotters play CoRec 5v5 basketball on Mondays at 8:30pm.

Captains Kimberly Ngo and Ami Patel set up another big season in Intramurals with an unprecedented number of signups. Sugar and Spike, Boneless Rotation, and Setters of Catan play CoRec 6v6 Reverse Volleyball on Thursdays at 10pm.

Captains Anthony Guzman, Vanesa Palomera, and Motana Phoupraseut expand their softball roster as they hope to swing their ways home for a chance at championship glory. Composite K and the C-NH Fighters hope to win it all on Sundays at 7:30pm and Tuesdays at 8:30pm.

Captain Noah Shen goes from the soccer field to the tennis court to inspire others to kick and head their way over nets to win Smennis. The one-day tournament takes place on May 10th.

UCI audience members for basketball, volleyball, and smennis must have their hand scanned at the ARC Sales Desk, open 8am-6pm, to watch games. Guest clubs can be sponsored by UCI students, one per member, for $5 each.

Intramural sports plays an important part of UCI Campus Recreation. Interested players can learn more at or