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Membership Costs and T-shirts!

August 27, 2014 Authored by: Vincent Tang
Hello Circle K!

I know there have been some people wondering about prices and the applications for this year and I finally have some information for you! yay! 
Prices for this year will remain the same as last year's. New members will be paying $40 and returning members will be paying $35. If you are interested, we also have an awesome new shirt for you guys for an additional $10, designed by our very own, Jennifer Le and Mark Allen Ubongen! We will start accepting money and application at the start of the school year. 

Applications will also be released at the start of the school year and will only be accepted with membership fees, so please have your money ready when you turn your application in! Also remember that you do not have to be a member to come out to our events! Everyone is welcome! However, dues paying members will get priority for rides to service and other circle K events. You must also be a paid member if you want to attend district events, such as Fall Training Conference and our District Convention. If you have any questions feel free to contact me or any other board member! We'd be happy to help! 

Lastly, we have decided to show you guys this year's T-shirt design a little early to get you all excited for the year! Please make sure to tell Jennifer and Mark how amazing their designs look!

Katelynn Richmond
2014-2015 Treasurer


The Looking Glass: Spring Edition

August 19, 2014 Authored by: Vincent Tang

UC Irvine Circle K is mad with service! Want to see what all the madness is about? Take a look through The Looking Glass: Spring Edition and experience a colorful wonderland of service, leadership, and fellowship! Please enjoy!

Wandering in Wonderland,
Priscilla Lu
2014-2015 Bulletin Editor

New Families!

May 31, 2014 Authored by: Brandon Khuu
Hello all! If you haven't heard here are your new families for the 2014-2015 Term:

Angelina Chanthanouvong, George Hernandez, Princeton Nguyen

Cheshire Cat
Kristian Balmes, Priscilla Lu, Andrea Varon

Card Guards
David Betton, Eryn Parks, Joanna Gonzalez

Jennifer Tarm, Samer Khan, Steven Chow

Sienna Serrano, Michael Acasio, Nancy Nguyen

Todd Nguyen, Emily Dang, Aljelen Paraiso

Mad Hatter
Audrey Nguyen, Brandon Khuu, Vanessa Maldonaldo

Queen of Hearts

Byron Barahona, Krystal Lam, Jessica Hoang

Emily Wong, Kyler Tagupa, Trisha Tran

TweedleDee and TweedleDum
Katelynn Richmond, Christian Palomo, Diane Hyunh

White Rabbit
Nikki Teresa, Joseph Castro, Derek Tran

Wandering in Wonderland,
Your Technology Chair,
Brandon Khuu
Member Recognition
Jack Nhan
Jun 3-Jun 10
Geena Demetillo
Jun 3-Jun 10
Upcoming Events

Anonymous refresh
Angelina Chanthanouvong
Phone: (209) 581-4852
Email: achanthan.cki@gmail.com
Audrey Nguyen
Phone: (714) 230-5943
Email: audreyqn@uci.edu
Brandon Khuu
Technology Chair
Phone: (858) 603-2861
Email: bkhuu7@gmail.com
Byron Barahona
Vice President of Administration
Phone: (310) 956-2139
Email: bdbaraho@uci.edu
Cristian Palomo
Public Relations
Phone: (559) 790-3556
Email: cpalomo@uci.edu
David Betton
Membership Development and Education
Phone: (818) 471-9655
Email: dbetton@uci.edu
Emily Dang
Public Relations
Phone: n/a
Email: danget@uci.edu
Emily Wong
Phone: (510) 552-4642
Email: emilyew@uci.edu
Eryn Parks
Single Service
Phone: (805) 403-7638
Email: eparkssb@gmail.com
George Hernandez
Phone: (213) 249-0270
Email: gkhernan@uci.edu
Jeffrey Fellows
Membership Programs
Phone: (310) 528-7721
Email: fellowsj@uci.edu
Jennifer Tarm
Phone: n/a
Email: jtarm@uci.edu
Joseph Castro
Spirit Social
Phone: (323) 337-6108
Email: josepac1@uci.edu
Katelynn Richmond
Phone: (909) 532-1099
Email: krichmond.cki@gmail.com
Kristian Balmes
Kiwanis Family
Phone: (951) 880-5111
Email: kbalmes@uci.edu
Kyler Tagupa
Membership Development & Relations
Phone: (760) 554-8708
Email: tagupak@uci.edu
Nikki Sta. Teresa
Vice President of Service
Phone: (209) 688-3157
Email: nstatere@uci.edu
Priscilla Lu
Bulletin Editor
Phone: (916) 335-4003
Email: pjlu@uci.edu
Samer Khan
Single Service
Phone: (925) 451-7556
Email: saamay2@comcast.net
Sienna Serrano
Spirit Social
Phone: (626) 388-4500
Email: siennas@uci.edu
Todd Nguyen
Kiwanis Family
Phone: (408) 531-5196
Email: toddn.cki@gmail.com
Aljelen Paraiso
Jabberwocky Co-big
Phone: (323) 602-4509
Email: paraisoa@uci.edu
Andrea Varon
Cheshire Cat Co-big
Phone: (323) 274-9587
Email: avaron@uci.edu
Derek Tran
White Rabbit Co-big
Phone: 1(714) 585-6473
Email: derekt3@uci.edu
Diane Huynh
TweedleDee and TweedleDum Co-big
Phone: (714) 928-7880
Email: huynhd3@uci.edu
Jessica Hoang
Queen of Hearts Co-big
Phone: (510) 778-6522
Email: jlhoang1@uci.edu
Joanna Gonzalez
Card Guard Co-big
Phone: n/a
Email: n/a
Krystal Lam
Queen of Hearts Co-big
Phone: (714) 548-4254
Email: krystallam13@gmail.com
Michael Acasio
Flower Co-big
Phone: (858) 527-8151
Email: macasio.cki@gmail.com
Nancy Nguyen
Flower Co-big
Phone: (916) 704-8081
Email: nancyqn@uci.edu
Princeton Nguyen
Bandersnatch Co-big
Phone: (714) 273-4322
Email: princetn@uci.edu
Steven Chow
Caterpillar Co-big
Phone: (510) 557-8709
Email: schow3@uci.edu
Trisha Tran
Teacups Co-big
Phone: (714) 823-0234
Email: trantk1@uci.edu
Vanessa Maldonado
Mad Hatter Co-big
Phone: (559) 397-3196
Email: vmaldon1@uci.edu
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