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Alvin Nguyen
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Brenda Wong
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John Wang
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hey cuties!! I'm Alvin, an upcoming 3rd year Comp Sci major!! I'm one of the bigs for Cloud Fam but also one of the Kiwanis Family Chairs!! Kiwanis meetings anyone?? Catch me at Seaside or 7Leaves bc I'm a basic UCI student who loves boba & listens to EDM :P Career wise I'm a big hackathon enthusiast so if you're a CS major & willing to try it out, it'll be lots of fun heh. If we hang out we'll probably go on hella food/boba adventures & I'll drive you anywhere I also watch Netflix and various anime so I'm always down for just chilling & watching stuff!! I'm very approachable and I'll make the time to hang out w/ each and every one of you lil's /(^?^)/

WATHUP!!!!! I'm Brenda, a second year anthropology and international studies double major :)) I'm one of the bigs for Cloud Fam and also this term's Single Service Chair so come out to service<3 People usually describe me as an open book—I'm the type to pour milk before cereal, fall asleep to edm, and call the science library scili LOL. I love karaoke and watching movies! If you catch me with earbuds in, I'm probably listening to either Taylor Swift, Jrock, Kdrama osts, or Kpop! I'll make sure my little puffs will have a fun year! Let's marathon an anime together pleeeeeeeease?

Hey what's up everybody! I'm John, a fourth year Computer Science major. I am a family head and one of the bigs for Cloud Fam. Throughout the last few years, I've been exploring different clubs like UCI Badminton Club, UCI Dragon Boat Club, and the Video Game Design Club, but at the end of it all, I really liked UCI Circle K. Although I am a bit of a goofball/troll, I want to help you find new friends, go on food adventures, and just have fun (because college is stressful enough as it is ^^") Outside of being a big, I like to browse memes, watch anime, and play League (ARAM/Teamfight Tactics only :p). If I'm not busy being a Big or couch potato, you will probably find me chilling at the library, working out at the gym, or just hanging out with people (so hmu :3). Can't wait to meet all of you xD