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Akina Ishimoto
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Don Nguyen
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Courtney Cheng
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Courtney Cheng | Agent #510

Classified: Family Head

Hellos future Spy Kids !! My name is Courtney, one of the bigs for Spy fam. Originally from the Bay Area, I came to UCI three years ago and have been studying hard to achieve my dream of becoming a mental health therapist for college students. Currently, I am a 3rd year doubling in Psychology & Social Behavior (PSB) and Education. Depending on the environment, I can be either extremely quiet or somewhat extroverted and lowkey have RBF when I’m not smiling BUT I am always down to talk! I love reading, painting, hiking, napping, late night deep talks, and cooking new foods (still in the process of recreating Studio Ghibli food w/ my housemate). My music taste varies day to day, though some of my recently played artists include Ella Mai, Rex Orange County, Wet, NCT and the Mama Mia soundtracks on repeat ever since the second movie came out. I am so very excited to meet each and every one of you and promise to always be there if you ever need someone to talk to :)))

Don Nguyen | Agent #714

Classified: Kiwanis Family Chair

Hi future Spy Kids! I’m stoked to be one of your bigs for the term ☺️ I’m an incoming 4th year majoring in Psychology & Social Behavior, that transferred from OCC. I’m also one of the Kiwanis Family Chairs for this term 👴🏼👵🏻👧🏻👶🏻 Born and raised in SoCal, some of my favorite things to do include playing basketball 🏀, going on food runs, exploring new places , going to Disney 🎢 (I just got a pass this year), and having deep talks 💬 I can also do some magic tricks, so let me try to impress you ♥️♦️♠️♣️✨ Top 3 Disney movies: Inside Out, Big Hero 6, and Up. My favorite shows are: HIMYM, Friends, The Flash ⚡️, Gotham 🦇, and Chuck (it’s a spy show 👀) Fun Fact: From 3rd grade through 11th grade, my dream job was to be a CIA field agent 😎 I can’t wait to get to know you more, spoil you with love and affection, and support you in things you’re interested in 💕 Together, we’ll be going on fun missions! #GoingUndercover #TopSecret #Classified


Akina Ishimoto | Agent #310

Classified: Fundraising Chair

Hi hi future spy kids! ahhh I'm so excited to be one of your bigs this term and to share a year full of fun mission together hehe! I'm an incoming 2nd year majoring in Mechanical Engineering hoping to one day work in the field of robotics! I also serve as one of the Fundraising Chairs for this term! I could be klutzy and awkward at times, but I promise to always shower you with lots of love! I enjoy napping for hours on end, watching too much youtube/dramas, and listening to Oh Wonder and Lauv! Peas be our spy kid and go on fun missions with us this year!


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