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Chad Ruaburo
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Michelle Deng
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Wilson Tran
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Oh hey there, it’s me, your friendly neighborhood sailor big! My name is Chad and I’m from the 760 aka sunny Oceanside, CA yeet! I’m currently a 3rd year Biological Sciences major (!!!!) and I am also one of the club’s Single Service chairs for this term! In my free time, I like running, watching sports (I’m a huge Padres/Chargers/Cloud9(LoL)fan!) going to Disneyland (hmu if you have a pass!), writing about my life on my personal blog, and taking pictures of architecture/landscapes. I’m pretty darn shy and quiet and awkward at first, so please don’t get offended if I don’t talk to you much when we first meet! I’d like to think I’m a pretty chill dude, so please don't be scared to reach out to me lol. As your potential big, I’ll try my best to make sure you’ll always feel part of our amazing fam as we set sail on our yearlong journey together 💖

HELLO! Welcome to the Sailor Family page! My name is Michelle Deng and I'm from San Francisco, born and raised. I'm a 3rd year Business Administration major here at UCI. 🙂 I enjoy cooking, baking, taking pics(photoshoots!!), exploring new places, trying new foods, watching horror movies! (Black Mirror 😍), playing board games, and getting to know people. As one of the bigs for Sailor Fam, I will love and support all of my littles and help them grow throughout the year. I can't wait for an exciting year ahead with you all! 🤗❤️

Hello, hello, I am Wilson Tran, one of he bigs for Sailor fammmm!!! I transferred in last year from the Bay Area (born in Oakland). I am currently a 4th year, majoring in Psychology and Social Behavior. Find me in All-You-Can-Eat 🤤 I love ultimate frisbee, I’ve been playing for the past 7 years, hmu if you wanna learn how to throw a frisbee. Pc gamer, down to play any games. Cooking is becoming a new hobby of mine. I recently just finish Game of thrones but I’m more of a anime fan, big enough fan to go to anime expo 🙂.