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Winnie Lam
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Jicheng Xu
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Ryan Kha
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HI HELLO! I’m Winnie (like the Pooh), the club’s secretary and possibly your big! I’m a 3rd year Biological Sciences major and I’m from San Francisco 🌁 I’m awkward and kinda dorky but that’s okay because if you’re awkward, we can be awkward together! I have 5 dogs 🐶 at home but I also really like cats 😺 I also like artsy things like making decorations and painting and coloring books (I have like 13 of them) but I’m not that great at it. 😅 I’m also a child at heart and I LOVE ice cream 🍦 and watching cartoons like Steven Universe and We Bare Bears. As your big, I’ll support you in all your endeavors, whether it be in Circle K, school, or life! I’ll be there if you need advice, someone to rant to about anything, or just a friend you want to hang out with! See you soon little beans!

Hello! I'm Jicheng (but you can just call me Cheng) and I'm one of the bigs for Barista Fam!!! I'm a 4th year Computer Science major born and raised in the Bay Area (San Rafael if you know your way around up there). I specialize in rehearsing what I'm going to say in my head before I order at restaurants as well as retaining really useless facts that probably won't change your life. In my free time I like playing and listening to music (if you want to start a band hit me up), trying new aesthetic coffee shops, learning useless talents, and reacting to my own Facebook Messenger messages. Join Barista Family and I'll brew you an amazing cup of coffee (or tea you're into that)!☕☕☕

Hey bruther. I'm Ryan and i'm one of the bigs for Barista Fam! #dripdrip #staygrounded I'm a 3rd year Informatics Major and my hometown is in Oxnard, California. A little about me is i'm a fairly open person with weird tendencies (excuse me if I make sound effects as I talk). w. I enjoy playing video games ( TWO UNDERSCORES hehe), cooking, boba runs, volleyball, and edm. Join Barista Fam and maybe I can make you a decent cuppa joe :)

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