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Brittany Smallwood
Phone: (818) 523-2810
Email: [email protected]
Marvin Bolainez
Phone: (310) 808-7146
Email: [email protected]
Yvon Tran
Phone: (415) 794-9641
Email: [email protected]
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Yvon Tran

HELLLOOO everyone!

I’m Yvon and I’m one of the bigs for Camera Family! Onto the basics, I’m from San Francisco and I’m a 3rd year Business Economics major and Digital Information Systems minor.

Hobbies: Things I like to do in my freetime are play League of Legends, hike, watch youtube videos, eat, drink boba, sleep, and graphic design. I lOooOooovE trying out new food places and just eating in general(I mean I can cook I just choose not to), so if you want to go out to eat with me just let me know and I’d probably be down. I’m also on most of the intramural teams(basketball, volleyball, softball), so hit me up if you want to play any sports with me or work out!

Music: If you’re into hip hop, EDM, rap, and even classical(I played violin for 13 years!), we’ll probably get along. Some of my favorite artists include Khalid, Frank Ocean, Mura Masa, Chance the Rapper, and Louis the Child. Sometimes I like listening to the LazyTown soundtrack when the mood is right.

Want to get to know me better? Feel free to message me on facebook, say hi to me on campus, 1v1 me on league, follow me on instagram, and subscribe to my youtube(@mystic4magic)~~~~ You could catch me at Gong Cha or 7 leaves in the afternoon, the Santa Ana taco truck, pho, raising canes at 1 in the morning most days, and Disneyland once I get my annual pass(soon no worries). I also like watching hip hop dancing(my fave teams r CADC and Team Millennia), so I'm always down to go to dance comps!

-xoxo Yvon

Marvin Bolainez

Hello everyone! My name is Marvin Bolainez, and I am one of the bigs for Camera Family! I'm a 3rd year Earth Systems Science major.

Hobbies: In my free time I like watching soccer, playing soccer, and playing video games about soccer. I enjoy playing board games, watching tv shows (including anime) I also really enjoy going out to eat! My go to food items are KBBQ, Raisin Canes and that one taco truck in Santa Ana. I really enjoy cooking, but I only know how to cook like 3 things: tacos, chicken cutlets, and fried rice. Because of this I'm always down to go out for late night food runs!

Music: Some of my favorite artists are Chance the Rapper, Kendrick Lamar, Kyle , and Ed Sheeran. Honestly I like so many different songs/genres, as long as the song give out chill vibes.

If y'all want to know more just reach out to me either in person or on Facebook. I'm always down to have a random conversation to see if we click 📷

Brittany Smallwood

Hey guys! I’m Brittany and I’m one of the bigs for Camera Family!! So generic info…I’m a 2nd year PSB and Criminology major from Northridge, (SoCal for those who have absolutely no idea where I’m talking about). TBH y’all I don’t really do much, but that just means I’ll have more time to hang out with youuuuuu!

Hobbies: I like to read, nap, watch Netflix/Hulu, and eat. I’m a hugeee TV person and I’m always looking for new shows so feel free to message me suggestions. I’m currently watching Grey’s Anatomy, This Is Us, Brooklyn 99, Bob’s Burgers and The X Files. However, Psych, One Tree Hill, Parks and Rec, and Law and Order: SVU are the all time faves.

Music: Music-wise, whatever you’re into, I’m probably into tbh. Like country? I’m there. Old School? You don’t even have to ask. Alternative? Sign me up. Pop? Heck yea. Hip-Hop? You know it. Broadway? Say no more. My favorite artists range from Panic! At the Disco to Carrie Underwood to Boyz II Men to One Direction (don’t judge). I’m also down to be exposed to new things, not just music wise or TV wise, like food wise or even life wise..

So if y’all wanna get to know me even more, follow me on my Instagram (britt_britt1998) or Twitter (brittbritt_1998) ALSO, if I’m not on campus or in my apartment there is a 98% I’m at Disneyland so if you have a Disney pass or you’re just trying to go, hmu cause my pass includes parking (shout out to my uncle).