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Andrew Yu
Email: [email protected]
Jessica Camacho
Email: [email protected]
Sarina Vang
Email: [email protected]
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Meet The Three Bucketeers!

Jessica Camacho | Kiwanis Family Chair

Hey Hey future Bucketters!

My name is Jessica- fourth year Econ and Psych double major, hoping to minor in informatics. I love boba, tacos, going to dance workshops, listening to random stories, and finding different spots to eat. I am super excited to get to know each and everyone of you ❤ Can't wait to go on our adventures and #bucketup!

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Sarina Vang | Family Head

Hey guiseeeee!

Three words to describe me: Ambitious, Chill, and Energetic. I have lots of love to give and I like getting lots of love so love me! ❤

Andrew Yu | Technology Chair

Hello. Andrew here. If you see someone in Circle K wearing Adidas pants and a hat that says Leessang, that's me!

My year? 2nd! My major? Data Science! Fun fact about me? Uhhh... potatoes and eggs are my BFFs... breakfast food friends. I'm a bit needy, but I got that from Sean.

My current hobbies and interests include gaming, dancing, listening to K-pop, watching YouTube videos, organizing, and cleaning. I really want audition to out for an exhibition dance team in UCI.

Here's a picture of me unhappily experiencing 107°F.

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