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Meet the Bigs!

Kimberly Ngo

Family Head

Henlo my little pilots! My name is Kimberly, and I don't know how to smile for pictures unless it's a candid and you catch me mid laugh. Bad jokes aside, I'm the Family Head for Airplane Family and hella excited to meet my future littles. I love laughing and going on adventures, so it'll be a good timeee. I'm a 3rd year psychology major, concentrating in cognitive neuroscience. On any given day, if I'm not in class or at work, you can find me at the gym, beach, pool, nature trail, hiding in my apartment, or on a food/boba run. Oh boi, do I love food...and boba! I binge watch Netflix in my free time- Lie to Me, Black Mirror, and White Collar. I also lowkey spend way too much time on YouTube or browsing social media. I'm clumsy but do have experience in most IM sports. Catch me playing on a few teams throughout the year; or even better, you can be my teammate! If you wanna hang out, eat, jump in on IMs, don't hesitate to hit me up!

Bao Tran

Public Relations Chair

Yo yo yo what's poppin' lil airplane peeps! Just kidding, hi there! My name is Bao and I am one of your bigs for CKI's airplane famILY in addition to also being the PR chair so let's do some public relatin'- jk. I'm honestly super excited to meet y'all and suffocate(I mean give you an adequate amount) of attention and neediness. Let me get down to business and let y'all know a thing or two about me-YAAAY LETS GOOO: I sleep, A LOT. I know this is contradictory of the statement above but I'm really into sports. I play IM softball and volleyball, a bit of basketball here and there(ball isn't life to me lol sorry). I'm into video games such as the walking dead, the last of us, bioshock infinite, overwatch (a bit), gta, etc, BUT I DONT PLAY LEAGUE RIP. I do an insane amount of netflixing AND FOOD RUNS, ESPECIALLY BOBA. Overall, you can always catch me having a good laugh or doing/saying something weird/silly. If you ever personally need some cheering up to do, COME AT YO GIRL I GOTCHU. Thats it for now, stay fly!!

Lesley Wong

Spirit Social Chair

Hi hello lil passengers; welcome aboard CKI Airline! My name is Lesley and I'm the Spirit Social Chair so get ready for some hella fun socials in this fam. Lemme ask you, why did Sarah fall off the swings? Join Airplane fam to find out!I'm a 2nd year Biological Sciences major and if you don't laugh at least 25 times a day, than that's not healthy... SO SMILE and find a good meme on FB to laugh at! I really don't know what I do on my free time but I guess I YouTube and play tennis a lot. I hate milk, coconut, boba balls, slow walkers but I really like the beach because when sun's out fun's out! I hope I get to know each and every one of you lovely folks soon!

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