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Diver Chat for Narwhal Family

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Joyce Wang
Phone: (415) 987-3796
Email: joycew5@uci.edu
Russell Okamura
Phone: (310) 658-4692
Email: okamurar@uci.edu
Alan Nguyen
Phone: (714) 623-6262
Email: thienbn1@uci.edu
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Narwhal Whale

Narwhal Family

Short Message from Us

Welcome Unicorns of the Sea! We are so happy that you choose to embark on this grand voyage to an amazing year in UCI Circle K with us. Our hope and dream is to be able to help you create a home in UCI and a family in Circle K. In addition, we hope to help create your Circle K experience through Service, Leadership, and Fellowship. We can't wait to get to know you all as we make memories of a lifetime!

Meet the Bigs

Alan Nguyen

Family Head

Hello everyone! My name is Alan Nguyen and I am the Family Head for the amazing Narwhal Family. I am currently a 4th year Education Sciences major. I love to binge watch Netflix, especially Grey's Anatomy, and sleep a lot. I like to go on late night/food/boba adventures with friends, dance and sing (not very good but I try), listen to music (any kind really), and do some amazing service. I have an obsession for Seaside thai tea and 7 Leaves boba drinks, but I have a bucket list of boba places I want to try :). My favorite tenant is Service ^~^ so if you ever want to do some service, leggo! I might seem like an awko taco at first, but I promise I am really friendly and become extremely silly and comfortable with you all when I get to know you. I really want to be your best friend and that cheerleader standing by your side and be there for you every step of the way. I truly believe you all deserve to have a family within Narwhal family to call home in your heart. Always feel free to hang out with me in service or socials events, say hi to me, call me beep me, or even give me a hug (>^~^)>. I promise we are going to have a whale of a tale!

Joyce Wang

Fundraising Chair

Hello! My name is Joyce, but you can call me DJ J-Nasty, and I’m one of the Big's for Narwhal Fam and one of the fundraising chairs for UCI CKI, so I like raising that horn and raising those funds. I’m a 3rd year Business Admin major with a minor in Psych. I was born and raised in SF almost all my life, but I have also lived in Beijing for 5 years when I was a little kid, so I’m fluent in Mandarin. I love food dates with friends, beach days, hunting for great deals, top 50 list music, singing, and I do weird unexpected things sometimes like rap even though I’m horrible at it. Oh and I love Blogilates, which is a type of pilates, and I love that feeling you get after a good workout (the feeling during is debatable) #stayactive. Overall, I am a very ambitious, dedicated, and passionate person who likes tackling obstacles head on, reaching new heights, and finding happiness. I’m your go to girl if you ever need info on college, career stuff, or just talk about life :)

Russell Okamura

Kiwanis Family Chair

Ayyyy waddup waddup :) My name is Russell. I am an Electrical Engineering major, and I like boba, specifically Jasmine Milk Tea. I like doing fun and adventurous stuff and enjoy food. Not bananas or beans though. Or squash. Or eggplant. I play some video games, and also like sports. I also like to laugh. Mainly at Joyce. She is funny even though she isn’t trying to be. Bad things tend to happen to her. I will probably try to get you all to laugh with me too. It will be fun.

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