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Diver Chat for Seal Family

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Joseph Basilio
Phone: (951) 265-6302
Email: basilioj@uci.edu
Susy Vargas
Phone: (951) 454-5170
Email: svvargas@uci.edu
Alvin Tan
Phone: (916) 230-6489
Email: alvint3@uci.edu
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Meet the Bigs

Alvin Tan

Hi There! Hello everyone! Alvin here and what a pleasure it is to meet you all! I am a Business Economics and Urban Studies major, all the way from Sacramento, CA! You’ll probably find me anywhere that offers soup-based foods - hot pot, kbbq, ramen, you name it! Ayala Science Library would have to be my favorite studying spot because of the view. I also love to grab boba, hike, bowl, go to movies, and especially board game nights! My favorite genre of music is hip-hop and R&B! That’s all for now! Seal you later!

Joseph Basilio

Hello there! I’m Joseph and I am one of the bigs for Seal Family! Currently I am a third year Computer Science Major from Murrieta, CA. I am a person with many interest! I love everything about food. Cooking, going on food runs, and taking aesthetically pleasing pictures of food LOL #basic. Eggs are probably my third favorite food right after sushi :P Did someone say “boba”? Music is my life. I listen to anything and everything and I play the guitar/uke and piano. I’m also into boardgames, videogames, graphic design, movies, and much much more. Get to know me and you'll find out ;). You can find me crying over my CS projects in the library, hanging out on a rooftop somewhere enjoying the view, or on my bed taking a nap at Puerta Del Sol. Let's hangout! Seal you later!

Susy Vargas

Hey, wassup, hello! I’m Susy Vargas and I’m a second year business administration major from Corona, California (near Riverside). I’d describe myself as carefree, maybe a little too reckless at times, oops. Most of the time you can find me either working at Java City, skating around UCI, or “studying” in the library. I consider myself a potato queen, and a self-titled french-fry connoisseur. I love food runs, and probably go on too many, causing me to always be #broke. I love music, and am always down to go to a concert. My favorite TV shows are Parks and Recreation and Scandal! Welp, that’s about it, seal you later!

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