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More Updates!

July 6, 2013 Authored by:
Good Evening once again!

Service Knights, it has been a long hard week. Indeed, bugs must be squashed! Bugs must be vindicated! Bugs must proliferate! Hmm.. that last one didn't come out right.

The night is young, and young am I! I have changed more things, due to your priceless feedback.

Changes in the 0.6.5beta patch:
  1. The Splash Page is now skipped for mobile users. 
  2. The Kiwanis Family section of the Club Event Report Form has been reworded from feedback.
  3. Feedback is now given for getting no results back from searching users instead of hanging with a spinning animation.
  4. When you successfully add a user to the CERF, the name should now be greyed out.
  5. There is now a visible counter as you add and remove people from the CERF. This may be useful for when you want to double check.
  6. I have added step numbers on the Registration page (eg. Step 1 of 6)
  7. The Leaderboards now track people who turn in approved CERFs!

New features:
  1. Events now have their own dedicated page. For chairs, this is also one more place to find the link to the sign up sheet.
  2. Calendar events now link to the appropriate event page.
  3. There is a new carriage return easter egg carriage return...

Until next time Service Knights!
Baldwin Chang
2013-2014 Technology Chair