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Changes through Feedback

July 5, 2013 Authored by:
Good Evening Service Knights!

Yesterday marked the first day that the website was open for public consumption! There have been a lot of changes due to your feedback! Please don't hesitate to criticize anything on the website, as it is your website too! I only want the best experience for you. If you know how to do that, don't hesitate to contact me!

The following changes due to feedback:
  • Pending CERF Color: Yellow Background -> Blue Background
  • CERF Add Member Button: Fixed a minor graphical issue
  • CERF Event Time: I have removed the unnecessary seconds option
  • Formal Pictures: User accounts now have the ability to support formal pictures. The context will depend on whether or not this will be used. This is mainly used for contact pages for positions.
  • Sorting Board Members: I have added the ability to sort by position name on the board contact page.

Thank you to the following people for the feedback: Karen Truong, Annie Nguyen, and Tuan Pham

New features:
  • Leaderboards! 
    • Have you ever wondered who has the most service, leadership , or fellowship hours? What about families? Well now you have the ability to view that! Paid Member Feature.
    • Are you good at finding easter eggs, or accumulated achievements in real life? You can also track that through the leaderboards!
    • View the Leaderboards!

Thank you again for letting me serve you today, and I hope everyone had a wonderful July 4th!

Baldwin Chang
Proud Technology Chair