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Hello, from District Convetion 2018!

March 25, 2018 Authored by: Kyler Tagupa
Oops I fell asleep.

Any who, all 82 of us (thats like 1/9 of the entire convention!)are back fro an AMAZING weekend at District Convention! Months of hard work from both our club and the District Convention committee have let up to this weekend in a culmination of service, leadership, and fellowship. Our members represented our club well, making new friends from all over CNH and showing everyone just what UCICKI is all about!

A special congratulations to our very own Winnie Lam, who served as the Decorations and Souvenirs Chair for the DCON Committee! She worked hard this past weekend not only ensuring that DCON looked good, but ran smoothly! We are proud of you!

Secondly, thanks to all of the attendees for their work at DCON! Whether it was participating in the Talent Act, going to workshops, SAAing, or just hanging out with the other UCI attendees, I really appreciate everything that you did over the weekend!

Finally, we have some awards announcements for the weekend! Copy and paste from years past, awards are not the namesake of a successful club. No one person can look at our club from the outside in and objectively make a statement about how amazing our club is. (I mean, if growing to 420 members, 11600 service hours, and countless memories was easy, why doesn't every club do it?) But regardless, join me in congratulating the following individuals for their achievements:

- 1st Place Outstanding Newsletter: Yvon Tran and My Lynn Huynh
- 2nd Place Outstanding Non-Traditional Scrapbook: Theresa Doan
- 2nd Place Outstanding Website: Andrew Yu
- 100% MRF Submission
- Growth Enhancement Membership Award
- Distinguished Club Improvement
- 3rd Place Overall Service Totals: Winnie Lam
- 1st Place Overall Service Totals: Kyler Tagupa
- Distinguished Appointed Board: Carolyne Villaescusa
- Distinguished Appointed Board: Kimberly Cao
- Distinguished Appointed Board: Yvon Tran
- Distinguished Treasurer: Darin Ngo
- Distinguished Secretary: Marvin Bolainez
- Distinguished Vice President of Service: Reginald Sellote
- Distinguished President: Kyler Tagupa
- 2nd Place for funds raised for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
- 1st Place Talent Act
- Divisional Excellence Award
- Divisional Spirit Award

Again, congratulations to everyone who was recognized for their work during the term! DCON is a time for us as a club to reflect over the past term, and set our eyes towards the future. While many of us are retiring from Board, Family Head, or other responsibilities within Circle K, we look towards our next journey. And as a new term dawns on this club, you all as leaders are bearing a torch to help the future of UCI Circle K burn brighter than ever.

With Love, Service, and Leadership,
Kyler Tagupa
2017-2018 UC Irvine Circle K President