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Change Thru Games Releases Forms for Sponsorship Packs, Milestone Dares

January 20, 2018 Authored by: Arthur Tham
Irvine, CA - The Change Thru Games committee released forms to purchase its Sponsorship Packs and to suggest its Milestone Dares.

The news was announced at this past Thursday's general meeting.

"This is a great opportunity to contribute to a great cost and get so many great items in return," states Change Thru Games Director Arthur Tham. "Who doesn't like the opportunity to get free Raising Canes?"

Communications intern Carl Joseph Cabrera also released the Milestone Dare form. Milestone dares are achieved every $100 raised and are agreed on by the committee but suggested by the general member.

"Help us out by giving your best ideas and making sure that CTG ends up to be a fun and great experience!" Carl Joseph explains.

Started in 2014 by Brandon Khuu and Bryce Tham, with help from Baldwin Chang, the first iteration of Change Thru Games was filmed in a small apartment with a webcam pointed at a TV. Since then, it has evolved into a production that has been able to help bring change through the joy and love of video games. In 2016, Kyler Tagupa and his committee took the event to the next level with Change Thru Games: The Third and truly showed how CTG is a great event created for the members by the members. In January 2018, Arthur Tham and the Change Thru Games: Level 4 committee hope to take Change Thru Games to new heights with innovative events and a revamped stream show.

Learn more about CTG:LV4 at http://ctg.ucicirclek.com .

Important Links:
The sponsorship form can be accessed here.
The milestone dare form can be accessed here.