UCI Circle K - TIP Thought Tuesdays: Dance for a Chance 2017! - Reinventing the Meaning of Service
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TIP Thought Tuesdays: Dance for a Chance 2017!

May 9, 2017 Authored by: Winnie Lam
Written by: Winnie Lam, Alicia Sieu, Karen Tsai

Attendees had a WILD time at Dance for a Chance, which was a night filled with dancing, performances, food, and activities! 

Check in started at 5:30PM and attendees had the option of purchasing raffle tickets to place into raffle bags for prizes, including things like Hydroflasks, Six Flags tickets, or even dates with the League members themselves! With the extra time that they had before the event started, they were able to walk around and enjoy some of the decorations that were created. 

Once it was 6PM, doors opened and people flooded into Doheny Beach B, C, and D. Guests had the chance to check out booths and participate in activities! Booths were set up where guests could get their faces painted, make DIY animal masks and release their wild side, get competitive with water pong, win small prizes playing Plinko, or even do service by making DIY picture frames and blankets!

Performances were also happening throughout the night so guests had the option of taking a break to enjoy all of the talents. The first performance of the night was by Urban Motus, a dance team here at UCI, followed by Haagen-Dazs, which is a group made up of members from different schools in the Magic Kingdom Division.

After those performances, Tommy from OCC performed, followed by INSA, another dance team here at UCI. 

There were also some performances from members of our Circle K! Andrew Yu, our technology chair performed a dance to a medley of k-pop. Nico Beltran, Christina Chang, and Conrad De Guzman also performed! 

For the last round of performances, CADC, a dance crew in UCI performed. The very last performance was done by The League themselves! At the end of their performance, they pulled in members of the audience to join them on the stage as they danced the rest of the night away. 

Soon after the performances, the DJ’s started to play. At Dance for a Chance, there were two DJ’s. The first was Nickflixx, followed by Fook. 

When dancing got too tiring, attendees were able to get food, as well as take pictures at the photo booth outside! 

By the end of the night, raffle prize winners were drawn! Below is a list of the raffle prize winners!

Jar of Food Vouchers: Anthony Guzman
Angels Baseball: Justin Lu
Painting: Diane Huynh
Raising Canes Basket: Cindy Le
Hydroflasks (6): Matt Avelino (2), Diane Huynh, Christina Nguyen, Karen Tsai, Carolyne Villaescusa
Six Flags Ticket: Kevin Hoang

Dates with The League
Arleene: Sarina Vang
Darin: Cindy Le
Diane: Yvon Tran
Jessica G.: Sarina Vang
Marvin: Sarina Vang
Susy: Joseph Basilio
William: Tim Truong
Winnie: Brandon Casas
Yessenia: Jigzen Carrasco
Yvon: Russell Okamura 

Overall, everyone had fun at Dance for a Chance and it was a success! The League raised over $2000 for the Thomas House Family Shelter, giving families in need the opportunity to build their lives!