UCI Circle K - CKI IM Sports Signups Underway For Spring Quarter - Reinventing the Meaning of Service
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CKI IM Sports Signups Underway For Spring Quarter

March 21, 2017 Authored by: Arthur Tham
UCI Circle K IM Sports gets back to full swing next quarter, with co-rec Basketball, co-rec Volleyball, and co-rec Softball returning to the lineup.

Be sure to talk to each team's coaches for more information on how to join the team!
*Basketball is in need of female players; please sign up to help balance out the roster!
  • CKI Serves Up (Volleyball)[Thurs 9:45p] - Ami Patel
  • CKI All Day N Nite (Basketball)[Sun 8:30p] - Dustin Chang
  • Circle K (Softball)[Mon 8:30p] - Anthony Guzman. Update: Full