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TIP Thought Tuesdays: Thank You

March 21, 2017 Authored by: Arthur Tham
Written by: Arthur Tham


Hi everyone! It’s Arthur from UCI Circle K.

It’s been about one full year since I took on the role of Technology Chair. Honestly, I didn’t expect to do much at all.  My job was to 1) re-skin the website to match our new club theme, and 2) make it not crash. As long as I achieved those two things, everything was going to be okay. 

But the more I explored the website and its features, the more I got obsessed with improving and making new features. Since then, four generations of TIP committees and I have added new features to the website that changed the way our members use the website. 

  • Events Calendar Mobile: Members can now sign up for events on our Calendar without having to stare at a crammed full-sized calendar on their mobile devices.
  • CERF FAQ/Apply to All Button: An unexpected partnership with Secretary Eric allowed him to create a wonderful CERF FAQ for our website. Our partnership also led us to add the “Apply to All” button on the CERF, which applies hours to all members in contrast to entering them one by one. And there were multiple CERF improvements thanks to him.
  • Millionaire: UCI Circle K Edition: Members can test their Circle K knowledge in this online trivia game.
  • Waitlist: Members can join an event whose sign-up sheet is full so that they can join the sign-up sheet if a space opens. This has led to an increase in members attending service events.
  • Suggestion Box: Account holders can send a suggestion (even anonymously) directly to board members and family heads for consideration and discussion.
  • Facebook Instant Articles: Members can read announcements and articles on the website without leaving the Facebook Mobile App.
  • TIP Thought Tuesdays: TIP committee members wrote event recaps and expressed their thoughts in our new series: TIP Thought Tuesdays. With the addition of pictures and video, members enjoyed multimodal articles that they can interact with and enjoy.

We’re still working on our upcoming game “Induction Night” and the Online Membership Application prototype with next technology chair Andrew Yu. I’m so excited to see what Andrew and the TIP has in store for next term!

And now, I just wanted to thank a few people that helped me get by my term:

I would like to thank past technology chairs Baldwin, Brandon, and Bryce for being very helpful when I ask them questions about how our website works. Their opinions were useful to me and hopefully they will be useful to the next technology chair.

Big shout out to OCC Technology Chair Ethan. We only talk once in a while, but it was always fun talking about our websites with each other. Thanks for being so positive. Be sure to visit his garden at http://www.occcirclek.org/.

I would also like to thank CNH District Technology Chair Joseph Le for his advice on our website; he was a very valuable resource and gave me some ideas over the summer break.

To the CNH Communications and Marketing committee members Angela, Julie, and Heyun: I think I’ve spoken a grand total of ten words to them combined. But, their office hours over summer break and their constant posting of resources and CNH newsletters inspired me, both directly and indirectly, to take advantage of social media features such as Facebook Instant Articles, write articles in TIP Thought Tuesdays, and to create a character out of myself on the UCICKI Snapchat. So their impact was very influential on me. Thank you so much.

Shout out to Colleen and Josh, my co-chairs. Colleen’s the sweetest person ever and her hair color’s probably gonna change by the time I finish writing this. Josh makes videos, and his work in FTC inspired me- I would not be able to make videos on short notice like he can.

Shout out to Angler Family, Time Family, and Diane and Patricia. Diane and Patty pretty much hears me rant all the time about life, and somehow they are not annoyed and they stick with me. And finally, we’ve made it to the end of our term. I’m gonna love them forever. 

Shout out to all of the TIP committee members of the past four generations (in joined order): Bryce, Christian, Geoffrey, Nico, Ami, Elton, Mark, Matthew H., My Lynn, Alex, Vivian, Carlos, Dustin, Cristian, Eric, Christina, Matthew N., Jefferson, Karen, Andrew, Regi, Winnie, and Circle K’s sweetheart. They are the ones that really made the website possible. They create content by writing articles and announcements and updating our webpages. Honestly, I would not have time to add new features to the website if it wasn’t for them. So thank you.

And finally, thanks UC Irvine Circle K for your support! I can't wait to see what you all do next quarter and on. Until then, this is Arthur from UCI Circle K signing out!

Arthur Tham
2016-17 Technology Chair

Now, here are some Thank Yous from our TIP Donuts:

Nico Beltran – Shark Family Head
“To the club: thanks for the support you guys have given this entire committee, the website is meant to be a useful tool for all of the club's members, and without your support and suggestions it wouldn't be where it is today.

To the committee: I know I don't really show up to any of the meetings or really do anything, but I keep an eye on what you guys discuss and change and it really has been a job well done. Kudos for stepping out of your comfort zone and learning how to code, regardless of how daunting that might've seemed. And of course, thank you to Arthur for providing major support and guidance for the committee.”

Winnie Lam – Seahorse TIP Donut
“Winter TIP with the fellow *donuts* was really fun and I never expected to learn as much as I did. I'm really glad that I got the chance to work on the website and make good changes to it, but I'm also sad that the winter TIP has come to an end. I'm excited for what the spring TIP has to offer and I'm sure they'll continue to do great things!”

Andrew Yu – New Technology Chair
"Thanks for supporting the TIP everyone! Being in the TIP was really fun and a great learning experience, so I hope all of you can continue supporting the future TIPs."