UCI Circle K - President Palomo Statement About DCON - Reinventing the Meaning of Service
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President Palomo Statement About DCON

March 19, 2017 Authored by: Arthur Tham


It’s been a long weekend for those of us who attended DCON, but altogether an amazing experience and something I wish we could have shared with all of you.

I am so proud to say that UC Irvine Circle K received lots of awards and recognition this weekend, and I wanted to share those with you all here:
- 100% MRFs Submitted on Time [Eric Vu]
- Late Owl Dues Award (Bronze)
- 3rd Place Funds Raised Per Member for the Kiwanis Family House
- 1st Place Outstanding Website [Arthur Tham]
- 1st Place Outstanding Non-Traditional Scrapbook [Theresa Doan]
- 1st Place Talent Act
- Distinguished Membership Development & Education [Ami Patel and Debbie Vang]
- Distinguished Kiwanis Family Relations [Russell Okamura]
- Distinguished Appointed Board Officer [Alan Nguyen, Josh Montefalcon, Patricia Zarate, and Sabrina Fang]
- Distinguished Treasurer [Diane Huynh]
- Distinguished Vice President of Service [Alycia McGeever]
- Distinguished Vice President of Administration [Derek Tran]
- Distinguished President
- Overall Distinguished Club
- Divisional Spirit & Excellence Awards

That being said, I want to take a moment to share what’s much more valuable in my eyes, and I hope in yours too, and that’s every single member of this club and all of the love and passion you’ve put into this term. Awards mark some of the things we’ve accomplished this year, but they don’t even come close to capturing the meaning or value of the experiences we’ve created and shared with each other. You all make our home club as fun and loving and incredible as it is, and no award could ever recognize that.

Before I go, I want to share some thank yous with just a few of our amazing members.
Thank you to Sienna Serrano, Emily Wong, Biancka Dela Cruz, Tiffany Huynh, Jonathan Htike, Kristian Balmes, and the rest of the DCON Committee for giving so much of yourselves to provide members across the district such a memorable weekend. We are proud of you, say we are proud of you!

Thank you to Alex D. Nguyen for always being a servant leader to the largest Circle K district there is and still giving your love and energy to your home club. We appreciate you so much!

Thank you to Group ShipRekt, otherwise known as the Executive Board, Appointed Board, and Family Heads. No one really understands how much you all give to this club, but you’ve continued to give each and every day this term. You are absolutely incredible.

Thank you to everyone who was involved in with DCON Talent Act and gave so much time and energy, but thank you especially to Sabrina Fang for bringing us together and being our motivation every step of the way.
Thank you to our 2017 DCON attendees for cheering your hearts out, for showing the district who UCI CKI is, and for making this weekend one for the books.

And thank you to UC Irvine Circle K. You are my home and my family. You are so much selfless love and fiery passion. You are and forever will be my Circle K.

With love,
Cristian Palomo 
Immediate Past President