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Beta Website Launch

July 3, 2013 Authored by:
Hello Service Knights!

I am excited! Aren't you? This website is the culmination of late-night code-fu and years of experience under my belt! I am proud to be your Technology Chair for the 2013-2014 term, and I hope you will welcome me with open arms.

The reason for the Peter Pan website being lacking in updates is because I've been focusing my attention wholly on this website. There is nothing more exciting than the initial website launch. And you're an integral part of this website, just like how important you are in this organization.

Everything on this website was built with YOU in mind. From the Circle K Nexus (I'll touch up on what that is in a bit) to the little details, everything has been designed with care and compassion knowing that every bit counts.

I have given this website my all, and with that my love for little easter eggs. (Oh,ho ho, you'll find out what those are in the coming months!) I have cared for this website like it is my own child, and seeing it run off is exhilarating, yet terrifying.

This organization needs you, and this website exlemplifies that ethic. :)

Each feature has been carefully considered and I'd like to show you.

  • CKI Nexus - The Circle K Nexus is the information backbone for this website. It manages everything from member hours to this very announcement post.
  • Event System - The event system was designed to streamline the process of getting the information about our events straight to you! 
  • Club Event Report Form System - The CERF system was built with sleekness in mind, and every step was carefully considered. No more emailing, no more figuring out the small details.. it is all there for you now.
  • Chairing System - Want to chair an event? Just click the "BE THE CHAIR" button next to any event that doesn't have a chair yet! It's that simple.
  • Sign Up system - Want to go to an event? Even simpler. If you are a registered member, you can access the ONE CLICK sign up system. Want to resign from an event? You can do it right away, hassle free. If you are not registered, there is an automatically generated form you can fill out, yep! We haven't forgotten the guests!
  • Sign Up Sheets - If you are a chair, you automatically get the sign up sheet unlocked. No more Google Doc permissions, no more hassle, it just works.
  • Nexus Account - Your Nexus account is what runs this website. Your account can be modified at the CKI Nexus.
  • Member Hours - Once a CERF is turned in and approved, your membership hours are automatically logged and available for your consumption. Just check out the Nexus!
  • Messaging System - Need to contact someone? Don't know their contact information? You're in luck! The CKI Nexus has the ability to relay messages between any other Nexus user. Nifty huh?
  • Notification System - Instant gratification. Just like Facebook, you get notifications in (almost) real-time. This is hooked into the messaging system and the CERF system! Now you know when certain things come in!
  • Achievement System - A collaboration with the Vice President of Service, Tuan Pham, you can now recieve achievements. This may sometimes be rewarded in the form of physical buttons or just as an easter egg!
  • Shoutbox - Yes, even this little thing was built by me. This automatically hooks into your Nexus account, and it supports anonymous/guest messages!
  • ...and much more..!

If that list wasn't exhaustive enough... tell me! I'll be glad to take in any feedback. :)

What are you waiting for? Go register today!

Baldwin Chang
2013-2014 Technology Chair
UCI Circle K